Saturday, May 21, 2016


So much has happened in the past two weeks my head is still spinning, though the tires have finally stopped moving. Thirty two hundred miles of driving, one tire malfunction, one car sold, one house emptied and sold, Mother's Day celebrated, lots of hugs and kisses shared and more than a few tears.

We celebrated Mother's Day at a Japanese restaurant where the boys were highly entertained by the knife-juggling chef and lots of fireworks as well as squirted water and squirted saki for the adults.



A volcano made of onion rings, filled with cooking oil, and lit on fire ...





Pretty exciting stuff!









Anna and three of her boys







Daughter Sarah










Me and The Writer

(and one little blond head)






And one of the twins, Aiden, made this gift for his mom for Mother's Day.

His mom's favorite colors plus GLITTER on the roof.

It could not have been a better Mother's Day celebration!



  1. Wow!! Car gone, house gone, you have been busy.

  2. Wow!! Car gone, house gone, you have been busy.

  3. Cynthia so it means now you have a new start. You have a nice family

  4. Good news all around for you. Kids look great.
    Here - this being sent from the Brisbane City Library
    I have Internet problems etc.
    My patience is being severely tested - ha ha.

  5. Goodness, you had a lot to do while you were here in MN. Glad you had time for family and Mother's Day. Hope you can rest now after that whirlwind! Welcome back.

  6. a move can certainly be bitter sweet and busy.

  7. It sounds like the perfect Mother's Day.
    Love the bird house;)

  8. Sounds like the trip was a lot of work but a lot of fun too. You have a beautiful family, and all those little boys look so sweet! What a perfect Mother's Day! Glad you are home.

  9. Sounds like a very bitter/sweet visit. Looks like a wonderful celebration.

  10. Just stopping bye to catch up on all your latest moves! Quite some accomplishment all you have achieved in the last few weeks, hopefully you can take the rest of the year off?
    Do tell Aiden that all the little birds are going to love their sparkly new home, his Mum is very lucky :)
    Gotta dash, it's busy, busy, busy here too!
    Wren x

  11. You must have had a great time, to see all your family and relatives again. Hope you can have a more quiet time now all the work has done.

  12. Eventual trip and did what you wanted to do.
    Lovely to see the photos of you all.
    That's a nice distance there and back.

  13. Good news you sold your house and car!! Sounds like a successful trip! Good for you. Look at those beautiful grands you have, I bet there were lots of tears:(

  14. My! You have had a busy few weeks. I hope the rest of the summer will be more relaxing :-)

  15. Well done! What a whirlwind two weeks. Lovely pics of you all out enjoying yourselves.

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  17. Hi Cynthia, thank you for your comments at my posts. I couldn't send you email because your profile doesn't have one listed.

    Are you sure it is my blog that has small print or perhaps you inadvertently set your browser settings while in my blog? No one else has mentioned that the font is too small and I haven't set it to super small. But it does look super small when I preview posts. I'll look into this more.

    A few days ago I discovered that my blog font was super big (wile other sites I looked at the font was normal size). I couldn't figure out how to get the font to normal until I experimented by going into browser settings and resetting. Now my blog font is fine on my screen. It shouldn't affect the font on your screen as it is my browser. So am a little perplexed :-(

  18. I sure love seeing these smiling faces. Glad you had a successful trip.

  19. Oh my! That looks like so much fun. My brother and wife took our mom to Benihana of Tokyo. Mom said it was loads of fun!

  20. My goodness, what a lot you've been up to! That Japanese restaurant looks very entertaining as well as having delicious looking food 😄. Lovely photos of the family too.