Sunday, July 31, 2016

Moving Day



None of our pets is crazy about traveling but they did pretty well on the drive up the coast to their new home. Rosie's carrier was between us and she kept up a conversation with us most of the trip.



Tybee is 17 1/2 years old. He prefers the front seat and kept trying to squeeze his way up front from the back. His back legs are weak from arthritis and he had to be replaced on the seat a few times.

Bob the Border Collie's black back is on the right next to Tybee. Bob was busying looking out the window the entire trip, way too busy to smile for a picture.

The blur is The Writer's arm trying to keep Tybee in the backseat.

We had a very nice moving crew and they didn't lose their friendly demeanor even in the 98-degree heat and humidity. They were delayed by accidents on the bridge in Charleston, then got to Georgetown to find the weight station had been closed and no one had informed Ms Google! They had to backtrack all the way to Charleston to weigh the truck and a 4-hour trip took them more than 7.

They had already worked a 12-hour day when they left here for their 4 hour drive back home.



We got up this morning and poked around in boxes to find some cereal and bowls to make breakfast.




There are mountains of boxes like this all over the house.



I decided to start with the kitchen this morning. It only looks slightly better tonight, in spite of the fact that I have emptied and stowed the contents of 20 boxes.

But the fridge and freezer are sparkling clean and many drawers and cupboards have been lined, dinner cooked, the dishes done, and I now am rooted to the rocking chair.

I'm not moving until bedtime!



  1. Cynthia and Paul
    When does everything go to "order" when moving?????
    My wonderful neighbours here from across the street "officially"
    moved out on Saturday for their new life in Armidale in the New
    England region (highlands) of NSW where Ian has a Professorship
    at the University of New England. The van was supposed to arrive
    for loading at 8.00 am - arrived at 2.00 PM!!!! Not amused.

    Now you have to fun of re-organising, keep calm - ha ha.
    Looking forward to the end result.
    Weather here has been good, except for my nose which is like
    Niagara Falls but 25 Celsius for a few days is a "Godsend" - now
    for the Antarctic winds of August - Brrrrr. September can't come
    quick enough.

    1. Ooops - "Have THE fun of re-organising".
      I blame my nose!! ha ha.
      Damn those mosquitoes of PNG and my cerebral Malaria!

  2. Good to hear the move is over and that the animals fared well, one box at a time:)

  3. The poor movers and the poor pets! I still remember one trip with my dearly departed cat. She suffered so much on the 4 hour drive. I hope you are feeling better soon and that you will have at least your bed made and your kitchens cupboards sorted soonest. xx

  4. Moving is a pain. One of my friends said, "People over seventy should not be allowed to move." Now I'm not saying you're over seventy!!!

  5. Soon you will be able to enjoy all the effort that it has taken to get this far in your new life!

  6. Glad the move went relatively well - can't wait to see final pictures!

  7. Oh the joys of moving, they're the reason we're still in a house way too big for us. Shouldn't take you more than a year or two to get unpacked.

  8. I am sure you will have it all organised in no time at all, sounds like quite the ordeal for the movers.

  9. That was a full on day for all concerned. Glad you can now settle in.

  10. Sounds exhausting! But won't it be wonderful when it's all done and you can enjoy your new home :-)

  11. I do not envy you, what a lot of work to do. I can imagine you poking around there for a long time....

  12. Welcome to your new home! How wonderful. Good to know the movers kept in good spirits. Did you label your knitting box? ;-) I wish you many good memories in your new home.

  13. Now you do know the golden rule don't you?! Any boxes not unpacked in 2 years can be chucked!!! Good luck with it all, it is exciting and exhausting I know…
    Wren x

  14. There are few things more exciting and more exhausting than a major move.
    Congratulations - you're over the worst of it!

  15. Congrats on the move - a whole new adventure!

  16. I don't envy the upheaval, work and stress of moving but I do envy your new adventure. Living in a new area will be full of new possibilities.