Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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When I was in Minnesota last week my daughter invited Mason, my sister, and me to go to the horse races. She had free tickets to get in plus a reserved table inside where it was air-conditioned at Canterbury Park. Since I had never been to the track and she was sure Mason was going to love the "horseys," -- well, why not?!!


Fortunately the programs had lots of information and explanations and we could study up before things got started.



When it was time for the horses to run, we went outside to stand along the fence to watch, hear, and feel the thundering hooves pounding by at 35 mph. Mason loved it!


As the horses came back from finishing each race, their jockeys dismounted and weighed in. It was amazing to see how small they were. Some of their waists were no bigger around than thighs of the man weighing them. Seriously!

It doesn't sound like a very fun life. Jockeys average 110 lbs and to reach that weight before each race ... well, it's not pretty.

"They do so (vomit, purge, use saunas excessively, take drugs) risking an assortment of health problems, to weigh in the range of 110 pounds. Then they drag their weakened bodies onto 1,200-pound animals going 35 mph and hope they don't get trampled." (From an article in the Cinncinnati Enquirer)






EnterIng the winner's circle is one of Mason's favorite horses, Squirt Gun.

Big spenders, we each placed one $2 bet.

My sister was the only winner. She took home 80 cents!





The weekend before we went, Canterbury Downs had ostrich, camel and zebra races, and the next weekend, Corgi dog races.

Now that would be something to see!



  1. That sounds like a great day out. Mason has grown so much since I last saw a photo. Hope you are making arrangements for the family to be visiting you once you have unpacked a few more of those boxes.

  2. Bee to the horse races a few times and always enjoyed it. Never won anything, but had fun anyway. I saw camel races and wrestling when we lived in Turkey, it ostriches and zebras would be a hoot.

  3. The things some people have to do for their jobs! A fun day out, but the corgis would be even better.

  4. Oh dear - The Cinncinnati Enquirer reporter, I don't think, knows what
    he/she is talking about. Drugs??????????? All jockeys here in Australia
    where horse racing is BIG TIME - the Melbourne Cup on the 1st Tuesday of
    November being an International Event - any jockey found taking drugs is
    banned for LIFE. All jockeys are tested at every horse meeting as are the
    horses for stimulants and God help ( he can't) the trainer and strappers
    etc if any drug substance is found in a horse.
    As you know I love my horse racing - well when the top Group races are rn,
    like the US Breeders Cup week etc.
    Good to note Mason is developing Aussie traits - the thrill of the track - ha ha.
    Corgi races???
    Well here we have especially at clubs etc during the Melbourne Cup week, cockroach
    and snail races, so why not corgis!!
    In the Northern Territory and far north WA, camel races are run regularly, even
    in the southern states on occasions. Just keep out of the spitting zone of those
    "very rude" camels.

    1. Oh I forgot - in Sydney there is a racetrack called Canterbury Park, which is rarely
      used these days but was a major track when I was far younger. Now it is used to quarantine
      overseas horses which come out to Sydney, NSW to compete in the major events over the Spring and
      Autumn carnivals.
      Melbourne likewise has a track for visiting overseas horses to train at during the Spring Melbourne
      Cup carnival.

  5. Horse races and betting are fun but I haven't been to the track for years.

  6. Looks like a fun day out, don't fancy been a jockey. I love my food too much.

  7. Exciting to expierence such an event. We don't have those horse races in our country. I only have seen it sometimes on televison.

  8. Squirt Gun is a great name! Looks like you had a great spot to watch from a cool location. I took my mom to the ostrich and camel day a number if years ago. They didn't have the zebras then.

  9. Love that name Squirt Gun, I would have picked that horse too! I love the races but have never been to the ones at Canterbury Downs:(

  10. Horse racing in the US needs some major changes before I will participate again. And I love horses, but I do not like the way they are treated in many tracks here.