Sunday, August 7, 2016

Saturday is Market Day

I wondered what it would be like shopping for food when we moved to Georgetown after our experience in Ridgeland, but I needn't have worried. There are wonderful options.


The farmer's market is small but the farms are local. And in addition to organic veggies and fruit, they sell homemade cheese, organic milk with the cream on top, honey, brooms, and wonderful bread from an Eastern European baker.

We bought peaches, melon, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn, tomato basil cheddar cheese, and a loaf of crusty bread.


A couple blocks away, the fishing boats and shrimpers come in daily to Independent Seafood.


Although the fishing boats stay at sea about a week at a time, there is always someone pulling up to unload their catch.


The business was begun in 1937 by Herbert Tarbox to serve the local fisherman in getting a fair price for their catch. His son Glennie is in charge now.






It's a very busy place when a boat comes in with workers appearing to unload the catch, sort it, box it, load it on pallets, and get it into refrigerated trucks ASAP.

Most of the seafood goes to restaurants in the New England states but it's also available to us Georgetonians.

The red-lined buckets contain shrimp in different sizes.



Today's catch was flounder, grouper, shad, and tuna.


We bought some flounder.




And here is someone else who works at the fish market. I imagine he takes his pay in delicious seafood dinners.



  1. You won't get fresher fish than that. Sounds like there is lots of good food to be had on your doorstep.

  2. Cynthia so it means your new lacation is perfect

  3. Wonderful to be able to buy wholesome fresh food, and it looks like maybe your market vendors don't put everything into plastic. Love the cat in the fish market pic.

  4. I am sure that feline employee likes his job!

  5. There's nothing like the veggies directly from the field. It's why I work so hard to grow a vegetable garden.

  6. I now buy my vegetables from the Brisbane Producers Markets on Wednesdays
    which have heaps of stalls right next to the Brisbane City Library and
    opposite the Brisbane Casino ( the Casino I do NOT patronise!).
    Fresh food, also meat and fish etc etc. And so much cheaper and better
    than the Supermarket MUCK.
    I feel I am doing my little bit for the producers and cutting out the middle
    man and their price hikes!
    The European meats are "just out of this World" - sausage variety for salads
    and sandwiches. Pure heaven to eat.
    So glad to know that you support the producers and not the likes of greedy
    supermarket chains.

  7. How wonderful to have fresh seafood:)

  8. Wonderful to have such a wonderful array of fresh food available. Love the sound of the cheese.

  9. All that lovely fresh food sounds wonderful, Cynthia! What a perfect 'job' for that cute feline :-)

  10. It is nice to explore you new hometown and find so many fresh products.

  11. Fun to go on a tour of your new area with you. The local market looks good!

  12. How lucky you are to have fresh fish just brought in by the boat. We had a similar opportunity in Florida last winter...:)

  13. What an improvement from where you last lived sounds like between the fresh markets and the lovely coffee shop you found you are happily settling in.

  14. Looks like no worries when it comes to fresh local food. Lucky you.

  15. What a nice place for a cat to work, in the seafood market. And you know it is fresh.