Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back to the Charleston Aquarium

Here is the little alligator from my last post and apparently no one spotted him there between the second and third pickets of the rice gate.  He's just a baby and it took us a few minutes to find him, too.  

There were a couple of questions about the albino gator in the comments.   Alabaster is eight years old.  There is a group of alligators in a remote swamp in Louisiana that regularly produces albino alligators. An alligator hunter keeps his eye on the nests and when he spots an albino hatchling he has a permit to catch it and provide it to a zoo to be cared for.  Most of the 50 albinos in the US have come from this one place. 

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Here are a couple more creatures of the deep from the Charleston Aquarium.

Moon Jellies

A favorite snack of sea turtles and certain fish, moon jellies can grow up to a diameter of 12 inches, depending on how much they have eaten.
Depending on what they have eaten, they can turn transparent purple or pink.
Because of the depletion of ocean fish and sea turtles, jellies are increasing in alarming numbers.  

Sea Nettles

The graceful swooshes on the left come from the body in the center of the photo, swirling down and back across the body in slow and graceful movement as it floats. 
These tentacles have stingers on them that are used to paralyze its prey.  The prey gets caught on the tentacles and the jellyfish pulls it into its stomach in the bell.  The bell can grow up to eight inches across.  
These pretty things sting many swimmers over the course of the summer.  
It won't kill you when they do but it sure hurts!


  1. I went back to your original photo to see if I could see the alligator's head and yes there it was. As to jellyfish or sea nettles, I have been stung by one of those in my younger days while swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.

  2. How bizarre that they've all come from Louisiana. By the way, New Orleans has one of the best swamp exhibits at their aquarium that I've ever seen.

  3. I like the shy alligator peeking out at us, and jelly fish are so beautiful, they seem like they are not from earth. More like intergalactic travelers.

  4. Very interesting posts about the aquarium! I didn't spot the gator, but I think I was looking for another albino. Not your fault. I was influenced by seeing Alabaster. Thanks for pointing out the little one. Wishing you a Happy 4th!

  5. Interesting info on things that are not common to us.

  6. So obvious now that you know it is there...I have not come across the jellyfish before.

  7. That is the cutest little alligator! He was hard to spot. That big albino alligator is unbelievable! It's sad and scary to think about there being a depletion of sea turtles and ocean fish.

  8. Excellent photos - really good! I'm so glad we live in a country where the worst animal is a politician. I went into a bar and asked for an alligator sandwich - but I was in a hurry, so I told the guy, "Make it snappy."

  9. Sometimes I think that Sea stingers and Sea Nettles plus jellyfish are worse than sharks.
    The patrolled beaches here have shark watchers but stingers and that ilk are another matter.
    Fortunately when a heap of these "horrors" arrive at a beach, the life savers put up warning
    signs here as to their presence, so if you get stung...........then it is your bloody own fault.
    PS: Got your e-mail - ha ha. Seems it has got worse today !!! A psychiatrist would help.......maybe?????

  10. Those Sea Nettles would be pretty to watch too, their grace combined with their ability to sting and paralyse make them one to watch for sure! As would the baby gator!
    Wren x

  11. Came over from Dee's blog. Thanks for the nice comment--to my comment--LOL!

    Those albino gators are really pretty--and lucky to be captured so they can live to enjoy a life. :)

  12. Love that little alligator. Your pictures have me wanting to visit an aquarium again, it's been years. Lois

  13. So obvious now that you know it is there...I have not come across the jellyfish before.