Sunday, May 19, 2019

Just Peachy!

  •   South Carolina peaches have been grown commercially in this state since the 1860s.
  •   South Carolina ranks second in peach production in the United States (California is first) and grows over thirty varieties of peaches.

For years each family orchard marketed their peaches in roadside stands that
dotted the backroads. Handpainted signs enticed motorists to stop and buy the makings for a snack or a mouthwatering peach pie. 

A few still stand, overgrown by weeds and time, like this one near Hemingway.  

  You can’t buy peaches at family orchards anymore, but you can find local South Carolina peaches at some weekly farmers markets.  And they are the best!  For the couple weeks they are in season, we eat as many as we can with our healthy morning oatmeal concoction.  But once in a while you just have to be decadent ...

  We love our South Carolina peaches!  


  1. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. Thanks for the post.

  2. The peaches look very good - I guess you and "His Lordship" have exercise bikes?????????????????

  3. Funny thing, I just feel like eating a tasty juicy peach!

  4. Gosh! I haven't had a peach in such a long, long time. I shall look for one next time we're at the grocery store.

  5. Don't mind peaches myself.
    Times have changed then seeing as you can't buy them as once you could.

  6. My mouth is watering imagining those sweet, juicy fruits.

  7. Yum, I love peaches too but we don't get them fresh from the orchard more like from the supermarket freezer rooms.

  8. I too would have to be decadent, the desert looks amazing.