Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Our Memorial Day Holiday Adventure

  McClellanville (population 543) twenty minutes down the coast has a farmers market on weekends. Just a few tables but they are local families selling what they raise themselves so we like to support them.  

  We made our delicious purchases, visited a little, tracked down some reasonably priced farm eggs a couple miles away and had an early lunch — grilled whiting, fried green tomatoes, and collard greens at the Seewee Restaurant in Awendaw (below). 

Then we meandered back to the McClellanville docks to check out the shrimping fleet. 

  The docks are among only nine commercial fishing docks left in the whole state and are used by fishing boats from up and down the coasts of North and South Carolina. (They fish down the coast, come into port at McClellanville to sell their catch, and then go out to fish again.)

  The fate of little McClellanville’s old docks is up in the air at the moment.  They need a couple million dollars to keep them open and with only 543 residents, nobody knows where that money is going to come from.  

  When I got back in the car after taking photos, The Writer said a warning light was on for a low tire.  Did I mention we were having record high temperatures and it was 101 sunny, humid degrees by now?!!  

  A back tire had a nail in it and was flat as a pancake! There was no one around to change a tire so we waited hours for AAA to rescue us.  The car was a sauna, the wait was several hours, and by the time the tire was changed and repaired, it was nearly 6 pm.  We had left the house at 10 in the morning!

  Oh well, I guess those fresh juicy peaches and strawberries, beets, carrots, and oyster mushrooms were worth all the bother.  


  1. So neither of you know how to change a tire? Or didn't you have a spare to use?
    I guess you didn't buy any shrimp. That would have gone bad in the heat.

  2. We know how to change a tire. One of us had recent surgery and the other could not lift that tire off and back up into the car. Also, it was 101 degrees.

    1. Sorry. That explains your predicament. I imagine I probably couldn't lift the tire either now that you raise that issue. :)

  3. "Fried green tomatoes" ??? and just where is the Whistle Stop Cafe???????????

    Oyster mushrooms - I don't think I have ever tried them.

    Didn't you have a spare tyre?????? That was an oversight and surely you didn't wait in a boiling hot car?
    I bet Paul's tongue was hanging out for a bloody good COLD BEER.

  4. Well that was a long day! I expect that even if the fishing boat owners chip in, there still wouldn't be enough money to fix the docks.

  5. My goodness that was quite the wait. Hope it didn't spoil your day...

  6. It would be sad if money could not be allocated for the repair of the port facilities. How about Donald Trump not going to his golf course for a couple of weekends? That should take care of it. I am just a tad curious why you didn't simply change your own tyre?

  7. That was a quite a day out, a full day! :)

  8. My there are a lot of boats there.
    How awful having to wait so long in heat.

  9. I can imagine how hot and tiring that wait must have been. I love that picture of the boats with the colored nets. It's so pretty. Can't believe I've missed four of your posts. It is always fun catching up. You have the most interesting stories about the Carolinas and I love reading then.

  10. What gorgeous photos, but that is a terrible wait! I don't think we've ever had to wait that long... I think. We also use AAA.

  11. Good job you had the lovely Farmers market at the start of the trip. I'm not in the best humour with hot, humid conditions, a flat tyre and a long wait would just about finish me off! I did love the brightly coloured baskets, what a shame the future of the shrimping fleet is up in air.
    Wren x