Saturday, September 7, 2019

Goodbye and Good Riddance, Dorian!

  Just wanted to let everyone know that we safely rode out Hurricane Dorian at home and are okay.  And on the second day after, things are getting back to normal.  Everyone in the county has electricity except “two homes”, according to the news this morning, leaving me wondering who these unfortunate souls are!   

  This morning downed trees, water, and sand have been removed from roads, the post office reopened, and grocery stores are getting restocked with produce. 

Our fridge was pretty empty and we were happy to be able to get out to shop today.

  Wind gusts on the bay during the hurricane were 84 mph but “only” 77 mph where our house sits.  Although similar to Matthew (2016), there is far less damage from Dorian and we had our electricity back completely in less than 24 hours.  I think the county and city have had so much practice, they have this hurricane thing pretty much down now after four in a row — Matthew (2016), then Irma (2017), Florence (2018), and now Dorian.  

  On our way home from the store today we passed this uniquely protected business and started joking about the conversation that might have gone on between the two men you can barely see standing behind the black tube.  
 The day before Dorian: “Harold, this will the fourth hurricane in as many years we are gonna have to clean up the water and mold mess left behind. I’m not doing it.  We are gonna go out and buy our own dam!”
  The day after Dorian: “Well, Jim, you were right.  No water in our building. But now what are we gonna do with all the water inside this thing?  Any ideas how we’re gonna roll it up and where we’re going to put it until next year?”

  We are counting our blessings that Dorian is gone and our home and big trees are intact.  But ... hurricane season isn’t over yet.  We are hanging on to our gallons of drinking water and the rest of our “hurricane food”, recharging our battery powered things, and crossing our fingers!


  1. Glad to hear that you are safe, Cynthia. I have my fingers and toes crossed that no more hurricanes will bother you this year. As you say, it is early in the season, but we can be optimistic!

  2. So pleased to hear you are ok. Have seen some horrendous footage on the news of the damage it has left in its wake.

  3. Good to hear you had minimal affect. I'm hopeful that was the case around Lumberton too where we worked on repairing homes from the previous tow hurricanes.

  4. Good that you had little damage. Yes, there's time for more.

  5. I thought about you many times during the passing of Dorian. You are probably getting used to the hurricane routine by now. :) Glad you two didn't have a lot of damage. We got a little wind, enough to litter the yard with leaves and sticks, and one and a half inches of rain. We were very fortunate.

  6. Let's hope that this Dorian is the last. Hurricane season is darn scary as is our cyclone season - yet to start,
    but the bushfire season has started early and things look pretty bleak for the rural areas in that department.

    Good to see you are supporting Aldis. I'm surprised that the great (OIE) hasn't banned them.
    Maybe he doesn't know where they come from?????
    I hope Trudeau endures the wrath of "OIE" (Turnip Top) now that the Maple Leaf flies proudly over Flushing Meadow.
    Colin or my new South Carolina mojo - "WBSTC"
    PS: Tell Paul at my next baptismal - I'll have it done in Cognac - not cold "holy" water.

  7. So good to hear you are okay! That is some big dike! I bet it worked well:)

  8. Thank goodness you were OK. That was so scary. We have a hurricane supply every year. We've added hurricane clips and will be getting barriers soon. The weather is so scary these days with global warming.

  9. Good to hear you survived the hurricane. We have had some cyclones here but not where I live but can imagine how terrifying they would be.

  10. I am so glad to hear you have no damage, lucky you! I have seen the damages in the Bahamas on television, it is terrible....

  11. That's good news! Hurricanes have got to be so scary! Glad your rode it out without any true devastation like other areas got.

  12. wow supermarket Aldi is very common in Europe because it is a German one.

  13. Glad you got through the storm with little inconvenience. Let's hope this is the worst hurricane you'll see this season!

  14. I was thinking of you during that time. We saw it on the news. So glad that you survived unhurt and little damage. They are awful storms and I guess we'll be next for one or two in summer, but its fires at the moment. We are safe but live in hope that our forest next door doesn't burn and scare us.

  15. I know several folks - blog friends, actual friends and family who carefully watched Dorian as it traveled up the coast. Glad you escaped its wrath this time. So sorry to see what it did to the Bahamas.

  16. Glad to read you are okay. Goodness! One a year for the last four years!

  17. Hi Cynthia - glad you rode through that unscathed. People everywhere are getting used to dealing with what nature throws their way - getting innovative like the men with the dam.

  18. Cynthia, in answer to your question. I didn't get to meet the owner of the house we worked on. She was living out of town. Did meet the town manager who expressed their gratitude. Dan got to meet the daughter of the woman who would be returning tho the house.

  19. Glad you emerged unscathed. Many of the old--and newer homes--in our coastal Mississippi communities were destroyed. And many lots remain vacant, even though it has been 14 years since Katrina.

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