Monday, March 30, 2020

The Gift (?) of Time

  It happened so fast.  A couple short weeks ago we hadn’t a clue how much life would change almost overnight. It has felt like the hours in our day were thrown into a hat, vigorously shaken, then dumped out and handed back to us.  Without the bones — the routines dictated by appointments, chores, habits, responsibilities —
 we went adrift a bit, frightened, anxious, twitchy, unable to concentrate.  

  We don't get out of our PJs as quickly as we did BC (Before Corona) (unless it’s senior day at the grocery store, 6-7a.m. Tuesdays). 

  I linger over the blogs I read, obsessively stalk the birds in our yard. Saturday night we had a fifteen minute hoot-off between two barred owls outside our bedroom window.  It was awesome!  Did you know owls bark?  

I have more time to read books, more time to enjoy a Facebook book group I’m in and offer more than a “like”.  I have deleted some news sources and added a group on “slow stitching” for inspiration.

  The state parks we frequent have closed with their  hiking trails and beautiful beaches.  I miss my favorite trees! The small beach we still have access to will likely close any day.  

   Our walks now are in our quiet neighborhood and we have a new appreciation for our local sunrises.  This morning on Winyah Bay  ....

  The grandboys are home from school, their parents working from home, and with extra time for family we have discovered Marco Polo, a free and easy app for leaving video messages for each other.  Guess who learned to ride his two-wheeler!  

... and use the mixer to make cookies!

   The worst has not hit us here in our state yet.  Sadly, our governor still has not given the “shelter in place” order so it is expected that we will be one of the states with high illness and death rates.  Mayors and town councils are trying to close down public places now on their own but are being threatened by the state Attorney General with lawsuits for “overstepping their authority”.  
It’s a mess.

What can we do but laugh? 

And my favorite ...


  1. It is a difficult time for everyone, and we will all need to adjust in our own way. Other than for the lack of socialization Miriam and I have found that life has not changed greatly. And we enjoy each other's company. I suspect that confinement is going to be the new norm for weeks or even months to come.

  2. We have been told to prepare for 6 months of this! My life has completely turned on its head.

  3. Three great laughing quotes. I shared them with Dan just now for him to chuckle too.

  4. Stay safe....I cannot image your Governor not issuing a Safe at home order. It must be unsettling to you. I am hoping for the is nice to sit outside...we just came in the sun was so nice today...I may have gotten sunburned! Your Grand is learning all kinds of things! :)

  5. just keep moving forward and smiling, at times it is the best we can do. Like you we are cooped up except to exercise and head out to get supplies when they are needed. This too shall pass and life will go on, but I do have the feeling that it will not be the same one we led before virus. Which is a shame, but it is the way that life has surprises for us and it is how we react to those surprises. :)

  6. Some of our leaders are not remotely competent.

  7. Life for you has changed as it has for most of us.
    Can't imagine why the Attorney General doesn't want to close down public places other than necessities.
    The Mayors and so forth are doing what I believe to be the right thing, of course they can only work within the laws.
    We down here have many closures, we are to stay inside in our houses only going out for necessaries with a two people policy outside. Can go for a walk or sit outside in the sun as long as we stay in the backyard and always keep the distance and two people policy - this is for 4 weeks and it commenced Monday.
    Stay safe and well.

  8. The world has suddenly changed in a stay at home place, bizar to see it is global and everybody is living the same life now inside. Hope it is not for ever...

  9. It is certainly a rapidly changing environment with new rules and laws been passed continually. We have settled into a calming routine and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Stay safe.

  10. Dear Cynthia, thank you for those 3 final parts of your posting. I don't know what to call them, but each speaks to today and what's happening. Here in Missouri, Kansas City is sheltering in place as are a few other places, but the governor hasn't issued an order. I truly think that there are politics in all this. For myself, I'm baking bread and will start working jigsaw puzzles as soon as the weather is warm enough for me to sit at a table in the garage. Take care. I know how much you and your husband love to explore your state and the parks. I hope perhaps that you can do some Internet research or book research and find new places to visit after the virus has subsided and we have a vaccine. Take care. Peace.

  11. our governor here in Michigan just extended the stay at home order until May 1st. I'm glad I'm still working every other week or I'd be going crazy! I do take walks outside whenever the weather permits, though!

  12. With more time to do tasks that need attention, I am finding it difficult to resist reading fluff and engaging in non-essential tasks. Praying for family and friends, whether blogging friends or formerly face-to-face, is essential. Blessings!

  13. The 3 Memes were so Funny! Yes, everything changed... Globally... and the adjustment is difficult and some are raging against it or dreaming up ridiculous Conspiracy Theories about the Virus not being 'that bad'... so it must be a Global conspiracy by Governments to Control us... to which I say, how BAD is 'that bad' in their Eyes?!!!?!?!?!?! Of coarse nobody was Alive to remember or experience the last Pandemic, so no firsthand Lesson. I think the vast Majority of people get it, and will do whatever it takes NOT to prolong this and take it Seriously. I too have probably done more around the house in Lock Down than I've done in the last 20 Years in Project completion! *LOL* Of coarse, we just moved in February 1st... so there was much to do.