Friday, May 9, 2014

MIA Matisse Exhibit

   Here are some of my favorites from the recent Matisse exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

(It was a complete surprise to be able to photograph this exhibit, so I didn't have my camera.  All I had was my phone so the quality of the photos isn't the greatest.)

The Music Lesson                I didn't know that Matisse studied violin, continued to practice and play throughout his life, and thought about pursuing a career as a violinist.

Interior, Flowers, and Parakeets  This small painting is of Matisse's apartment in Nice.  It looks like he surrounded his life with the same richness of color and texture that he showed in his paintings.

The Yellow Dress            I was fascinated because Matisse painted and repainted it over a period of 10 years and  the pentimenti of the earlier versions are part of the finished painting.  (Look at her arms and shoulders where it is really obvious.)
I love art.  Each piece gives me a glimpse into another interesting and eye-opening way to look at the world. If I lived closer, I'd visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts once a week! 
Thanks for reading my blog.  I really enjoy reading your comments.  


  1. I love your outing and you far more interesting than my History teacher ever was. I think I like the one with the violins best x

  2. What a fab trip, I love his work. I am off to see his Cut-outs exhibition here in London at the end of May. Your phone photos are great.

  3. Cynthia, I haven't heard about Matisse before, what a shame I can't see his works personally. They are so interesting. How many kilometres do you live from Minneapolis?

  4. They are indeed bold in colour,but lovely.

  5. There is an exhibition on at the Tate Modern at the moment called 'Cut outs' by Matisse. I haven't been to see it yet. No photography allowed though.