Friday, July 4, 2014

'Let Us Be Grateful for a Land So Fair'

You don't have to have a calendar to know today is the Fourth of July!  
My  neighbors started shooting fireworks at 4:30 a.m., loud window-rattling ones. 
The roadsides are bursting with wildflowers.

Red, white, and blue . . .

The house is filled with bouquets from the country roads.

  The corn is "knee high by the Fourth of July."  Farmers are pleased.
Picnics, parades, fireworks,  it's hot, it's exhausting, it's loud, it's fun! 
 I'm going to have a nap so I can stay awake for the fireworks.

I hope you enjoy this unusual rendition of "God Bless America". 


  1. Cynthia your wildflowers are am,amazing and beautiful. I think that corn in my country is knee-high but I am not sure because at my place we don't have any farms. Have a nice day

  2. Enjoy your fireworks, I'm not keen on them but I like a good nap. Granny nap we call them x

  3. I love fireworks but I don't think I would be thrilled with my neighbour letting them off at that time of the morning. I enjoyed the video. Clever. Oh and Happy 4th July.

  4. Such pretty flowers.
    Persons owning & setting off firework without a permit not allowed here. The animals must have a hard time.
    Happy Day..

  5. Love the wild flowers. Have a good time tonight.

  6. You have some lovely flowers around and nice neighbours :( Have a nice celebration.

  7. The fireworks are supposed to be illegal...they went off down at the lake way past midnight. Chance hates the noise. With all the rain the wildflowers are great this captured some nice ones. We don't have that red one up here.

  8. Early this AM (around 2) of July 6 someone (nearby) thought it would be fun to put off a series of loud crackers! The sound echoed over the peaks. However, all your photos celebrating the 4th are a (quiet) feast for my eyes.