Monday, October 20, 2014

Ol' Man River

Like the mighty river, autumn along the Upper Mississippi is a beautiful thing.

These photos were taken Sunday between Prescott and Stockholm, Wisconsin.







An eagle soars effortlessly in the wind over the bluffs.






It's Indian Summer -- sunny with temps that return to the 60s F after frosts or even a freeze, and it is nothing short of glorious.



Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the last days before the river turns to ice.

The little river towns seem to have hung on to the pace and style of an earlier time,

when the river was younger,

and so were we.


**Thank you for reading my blog today. I do enjoy reading your thoughts and reflections, and I will be by to visit your blog in return.


  1. This is our favorite road trip on the Wisconsin side, anytime of the year it is beautiful. We usually drive along the river from St Paul to Nelson Creamery and then return after a late afternoon snack or lunch, stopping along the way, visiting shops in the small villages.. Sometimes we make it to Winona, but turning back at Nelsons is our usual route.

  2. You took us on a beautiful trip, I can't imagine a river that freezes. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your photos, here in the south nothing has changed color yet and I have to enjoy autumn vicariously through the photos of others.

  4. Beautiful part of the river and beautiful part of Wisconsin! The bluffs are so high! Have you ever gone blueberry picking at Rush River Produce near Maiden Rock? And in the spring time, if you follow the signs for the Rustic Road, you can see Dutchman's Breeches growing wild.

  5. Cynthia the landscape is as the same as in Poland in the south east. My place is different. But your yellow trees are so nice. I love the eagles.

  6. So interested in seeing photos of this famous river. So different from what I imagined.

  7. Such great captures of the river!! I haven't been there in a long time and this was a fun look back! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  8. Beautiful autumn photography! Such creativity in your presentation and divine colors ~

    Happy Week to you.

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Pretty. Autumn colours are always good.

  10. Interesting river - "the ole man'.!!! Had a few visits to it from Rochester to Winona for a day's outing.
    Strange that unlike most other major rivers or any rivers for that, they all source from mountain ranges,
    the "Ole Miss" appears not to?????
    So have seen the "ole Miss" at source and where she enters the Gulf of Mexico at the very interesting Baton Rouge/New Orleans
    (Now back to bed - will view in more detail when I have clearer eyes etc!!)
    Aussie Colin

    1. Just noticed - gave the river two sexes - "ole man" and "ole Miss".
      Well it is referred to by both genders! Another aspect that this river
      seems to have alone!
      Maybe the English River Thames gets the two gender treatment also???
      I can't think of any other well known World rivers which are accorded this
      "dual" respect???

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful series!

  12. Loved the words and the photos. It looks like a beautiful fall in Wisconsin!

  13. Beautiful colors in the scenery and great photos.

  14. Wonderful autumn shots!

  15. It's very beautiful there where you snapped the photos. Just my kind of place to enjoy

  16. A beautiful area - the autumn colours are stunning.

  17. It sounds like you are having a pleasant Fall. The colours are beautiful as too is the river. It is hard to believe we will be cruising on it next month but much lower down from Memphis to New Orleans.

  18. beautiful images. beautiful scenery.