Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Power

Welcome to the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL in Wabasha, Minnesota!
Pumpkins are everywhere at this time of year,
piled in farm wagons for sale along the country roads,
heaped beside homemade pumpkin canons,
in soup,
on doorsteps,
and in the streets as . . . .
Pumpkin People!

Slow down and enjoy the beautiful day.
(This creation by the town's school crossing guards)
Right this way, folks. (Built by a local construction company)

A lovely school lunch lady. Note the clever use of the pumpkin stem as her pert little nose. (Cooked up by the school lunch ladies, of course!)

And my favorite!

(Styled by hairstylists at a beauty salon. I think that is obvious by the Cowardly Lion's hairdo, don't you?)

Lastly, a naked pumpkin, which appears in its natural splendor by virtue only of its 668 lbs of flesh.

668 pounds!!!

( I think he sneaked in, though, because he looks a lot more like a squash than a pumpkin to me.)

Thanks for reading. I do enjoy seeing your comments and I will be by to visit your blog in return.


  1. Great pictures and such fun. Love the Wizard of Oz guys...where's Dorothy? That type of pumpkin is what we used to see in Morton Illinois as the pumpkins were brought into Libby's for processing. They probably are the meaty kind, yielding the most flesh for the packing. I like the normal looking ones better for sure.

  2. Love the pumpkins, I think it's great when communities do things like this.

  3. Some great pumpkin figures there.

  4. Wizard of Oz wins hands down for me as well. I must check when the scarecrow festival is on near us as I love looking at all the effort people put in x

  5. That's amazing. We don't see that down here.

  6. How fun and colorful and what a great post for the day!! I do love that Wizard of Oz!! Thanks for sharing! Have a great new week!

  7. Cynthia, I love your pumpkins they are so lovely. The town looks beautifully. At my place we have had a lot of them in shops windows. Each year more and more appears in our cities. I love them as decorations...

  8. Great photos and I have never seen so many cute pumpkins! I saw some pumpkins for sale at the local supermarket last week - but its not really the right time of year for them here in Australia!

  9. Delightful and fun post and great photography!

    Happy Week to you ~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor

  10. I love the creativity of all the pumpkins, especially the noses! I see a lot of them in pies, too.

  11. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm glad I've found yours. I've never seen pumpkin people in such numbers before. I guess I need to get out more!

  12. A wonderful collection of dressed up pumpkins. It must have been fun to stroll and see the artistry! I recognize that bridge; have gone over it numerous times.

  13. Cynthia, this is becoming like a stroll for me of "down memory lane".
    Wabasha on the "ole Miss"! I think two visits from my
    stays with sister and B-I-L at Rochester on "pill hill".
    I recall an excellent little restaurant in the then not so famous
    town, but can't recall pumpkins on the menu!!!
    I guess Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau put Wabasha
    on the map - "Grumpy Old Men" and the sequel!
    With "JL" and "WM" now gone to the "stars in the sky" place
    and I having all these medical excitements, maybe I should return
    as #3 of the "Grumpy Old Men's Club" ??? Hmmmmmmm???
    Aussie Col
    PS: Steamy day here. This summer, I fear will be a scorcher.
    Your Minnesota snow scenes MIGHT be a relief?

  14. This is new to me! Wonderful pics.

  15. A pumpkin festival is new one one on me. It's obviously great fun. What a giant that last one.

  16. Any excuse for a festival - and this looks like a good one!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. That looks like a fun festival, with lots of creativity of the people.

  18. Thanks for sharing the Great pictures ..interesting!

  19. Aren't the colors of autumn just wonderful? I love the yellow brick pumpkins! What a fabulous weather day. too!

  20. Pumpkin People! I love the idea of creating personas out of pumpkins then carving them. I wonder if there might be a place to enter such a thing in our county fair.

  21. How cute. I've never seen a town so decorated with pumpkins. You do post some interesting places.

  22. Wow - pumpkins of every shape, size, and category. That HUGE pumpkin is really something to behold. It would make a lot of pies.