Friday, October 3, 2014

Fungus Amongus


Yesterday's weather forecast had a 6-hour gap in the rain we have been having, so I loaded up Lulu in the backseat and off we went to explore the Goodhue Pioneer Bike Trail.





I drove an hour or so in the fog and low-hanging clouds and set off on a side trail that passes the only covered bridge left in Minnesota.




























Zumbro River















Back on the main trail, an old railroad bed, this was the the first of many incredible fungi I saw.













To give you an idea of the size of the largest lobe, when I laid my arm over it it reached from my fingertips to my elbow!







Heading out, the trail is at a small grade upwards, so my legs got a good workout. It follows along the Zumbro River, through woodlands and a few farm fields.











Crossing a little modern covered bridge ...













... which provided a nice dry stopping place for a snack and a look at the cows on the hill, looking at me! (Getting better at the selfies, aren't I!)














Oozing out of a cut in the top of the stump

Jack-in-the-pulpit berries and ferns

And the most interesting find of all -- this fluffy mold, about the size of my two fists put together, on top of the leaves. It looks a lot like snow mold but that can't be! Anyone know anything about it?

The ride back was considerably faster, as I coasted much of the way, for a total of 7 or 9 miles, depending on which signs you believe. I barely got the bike back in the car and the rain started up again, and 18 hours later, it's still raining! Tonight the S word is back in the forecast -- SNOW mixed with rain. :-(



  1. It looks more like Spring and Fall with all the fungus around. It looks like quite a workout. The bridge cost just $5,000! Imagine what the cost of a bridge is now, even over a small river on the highway. The bridge reminds me of Bridges of Madison County.....loved that movie!

  2. Interesting about the bridge I didn't know we had one. The s is mixing with the rain in my yard right now:(

  3. Wow, snow already, that's early isn't it? Great trip.

  4. Pretty trail. I love that covered bridge! Not so fond of the 'S' word though. I had actually been wondering how Lulu was working out for you.

  5. Wonderful autumn photos of your fun journey in nature! Beautiful!

    artmusedog and carol ~ A Creative Harbor
    Happy Weekend to you!

  6. Cynthia, your autumn and landscape is very similiar to our Polish one. I love the bridge,

  7. Why do they put a cover over bridges? and yes your selfie is fab x

    1. To protect the bridge parts from the weather and make them last longer.

  8. Dear Cynthia, I lived in Minnesota for 38 years--in Stillwater--and I never knew there was a covered bridge. Thanks for sharing it with us. In New Hampshire and Vermont the area where I lived back in the early '70s, I did go frequently to one of the covered bridges. So much history captured there. Peace.

  9. What interesting fungi you have. That's a neat old covered bridge. I remember doing a covered bridge trip through Indiana. Your post brought back memories.

  10. Those covered bridges are quite unique - they don't exist here to the best of my knowledge!
    Does remind me of that movie - which I think was an academy award winner. Wonderful movie
    Fungi - isn't some varieties edible??? Not that I think I could eat the stuff.
    We need rain here and soon - like VERY soon before summer. Already a few bushfires have BEEN,
    (kindly note) started. How people can deliberately light fires in bushland which then wipes out homes
    and stock ( domestic and wild) is beyond my powers of comprehension!
    The arsonists are lucky I am not in the judiciary. They would learn the feeling of heat from me and I will
    not go into details!!!!
    Snow - a bit on the early side, eh??? May be a freezing winter for you, I sure hope not.

  11. I do like that covered bridge. Also enjoyed your ride with you...snow! Oh goodness..

  12. What a beautiful trail. I love the covered bridges! I too loved the movie, The Bridges of Madison County! Your selfies are great!

  13. I'll have to go look for that bridge!