Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Training - New Light Rail to St Paul


I'm really happy about the $1 billion new light rail line that connects St Paul with Minneapolis because it opens up a lot of new places for me to explore. I don't drive in either city unless I absolutely have to, happily turning over my 75 cents for a ticket and parking my car for free at the station farthest out.

It opened this summer and last week I had my first chance to ride the new rails.


The new line is called the Green Line -- some say because it cost so much money.

When you change trains in Minneapolis, the Green Line trains head across the Mississippi River and through the University of Minnesota campus where the train has to slow down to a crawl so as to not disturb sensitive experiments going on in the laboratories there.





Each station has artwork that reflects that community's history or character and an information board with some interesting facts or something to see nearby.









There are also a lot of interesting things to discover from the huge windows as the train travels through immigrant neighborhoods I've never seen before.

I took this photo for Connie at FarSideof50. I thought she might like to visit sometime and would feel right at home!

It's a Finish sauna that also rents cross-country skis in the winter.



Old meets new in this mural -- streetcars used to run this same route up until 60 years ago.











Several miles of the line run through areas that are victim of urban blight, but already signs of renewal are cropping up.

Smal ethnic restaurants are claiming empty buildings and giving them new life, and upscale apartments are being built in some of the old factories.

My destination was the end of the line -- the magnificent old Union Depot, recently restored to its former glory, in downtown St Paul. I'll save those photos for another day.


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  1. That's great. Transport is everything and opens up so many more opportunities. It seems quite cheap as well. Look forward to seeing more and more of your part of the world.

  2. Great to see improvements in old run-down areas. We see this in old San Antonio now as well, reclaiming property and using it for something new. We are meeting up with some friends from Chaska MN this weekend...all going to Arizona.

  3. There seemed to be a lot going on and a lot of things to see for a mere 75c that seems really reasonable to me. Its nice to know there are lots of regeneration in run down areas, parts of England are going through the same process.

  4. :0 I wonder how many customers the Sauna has...probably a good thing that they rent skis!
    I will have to look it up and see where you can get on. I am hoping some day you can get on in St Cloud:)

  5. 75c.........what a bargain, that wouldn't get us a bus to the end of our street (we don't have buses down our street but YKWIM) A bus to town and back is over £4 here and the stop is half a mile from my house, hardly a bargain.

    There will be no stopping you now xxx

  6. Cynthia, the Green Line is a great idea., but it is fantastic tickets are extremely cheap at your place. In Europe the public transportation is expensive. Landscapes from the train are lovely.

  7. Yes that is a bargain! Interesting post with all the art photos - thanks.

  8. 75 cents for that trip !!!! - My God you are in public transport paradise compared to money hungry Brisbane's public transport system.
    The colour and shape of the MSP trams is exactly the same as the new tram system that has just recently been opened
    on the Gold Coast here. Diane may know more of the makings of these Gold Coast trams - if they were imported???
    Or if / where the designs were from overseas????
    Seventy five cents a trip - one way or return??? Either answer is incredible - cheap, clean and comfortable travel without car worries.
    Anyhow that will give me a topic for conversation at today's quiz session.
    You may hear roars of disbelief from across the Pacific. ha ha.
    MSP was always one of my favourite destinations in the USA - such friendly people, unlike the New Yorkers, Californians and
    the people of Houston, Tx. and no comment on Seattle, I wouldn't be game.
    Atlanta Ga., Charleston, Sc. and New Orleans, La were also very friendly destinations.
    Cheers and lucky MSP citizens.
    Aussie Col

  9. That sure is a lot of money! You had an interesting ride - it seems a lot easier than driving and parking in the cities. I hope it's well-used.

  10. Congratulations!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  11. Looking forward to your Depot pix. I haven't been inside in ages! Went out to dinner there a long time ago.