Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Ca-CAW-phony of Crows

I know it's usually a murder of crows, but this was definitely a cacophony!

As I walked through the woods, I could hear them from half a mile away. I thought something must be harassing them, but when I came around the bend into this small meadow, there were hundreds of them in the trees and no predators in sight.

When they saw me, a black cloud of them began to lift into the sky.




I've never seen so many crows at once except when coming to roost in the evening or leaving in the early morning. This is midday.

Wonder what they were doing.

I hope you can enlarge the photos enough to see them since I can't send you the audio of amazing amount noise they made.

They circled and wheeled for awhile, hoping I would go away, and then disappeared over the treetops.


  1. I'm guessing they were having a convention to see about where they were planning to fly away to, or perhaps where the next tidbits of road kill might be found!

  2. What an amazing sight, I have never seen so many all together like that.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen that many at once either. Amazing. Hope you weren't standing directly under them!

  4. Lucky you don't have a bird phobia! And what a beautiful day!

  5. Good God! That is a huge colony of crows! Never seen that many together before - maybe a colony of 40, but what you have shown
    is incredible.
    I - well my street - ONCE had a colony of crows (Beethoven's screechers, I call the bloody things) living on a rotten gum tree. Thankfully
    the tree, still somehow standing, was losing leaves rapidly as it dies, so the head honcho crow decided to move their HQ's.
    So at least now we are spared the choralists at 4.00 am having practice of Beethoven's 5th Symphony! That was followed by Offenbach's Can Can on your roof! This done with incredible flamboyance and vigour! And NOISE with piercing screeches!!
    This colony is still unfortunately somewhere around - they don't move locations very far and protect their domain like praetorian guards!
    And these are the urban crows.
    I am not sure which variety is the worse - the rural or the urban. The rural are a curse to the sheep farmers - new born lambs if the ewe can't get up quick enough to protect her new born have their eyes torn out. My two grandmothers were "Annie Oakleys" when a crow came near - you get what I mean?
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah - bloody crows!
    Aussie Col

  6. Cynthia, I understand you and I definitely hate them. The ugly horrible creatures..

  7. Well Gosia - Poland and Australia have another thing in common - a loathing of crows!

    Did you know that a Polish explorer - Paul Edmund Strzelecki climbed and named our highest
    mountain - Mt. Kosciuszko ( 2,228 metres) after your famous General of the American Revolutionary
    wars, General Tadeusz Kosciuszko?
    Our mountains are NOT very high on the European or any of the other continents scale.
    Aussie Col

  8. That must have been incredible to see and hear. And then the peace when they were gone.

  9. I would guess that your crows are like our rooks - they feed communally on worms or similar prey. I would guess that something had disturbed them from a patch of particularly tasty worms.

  10. Wow that's really a huge number of them. I can so imagine how loud they were. That'd would be perfect to seevthem in a Halloween night :)

  11. Yes we see them here too, they make a lot of noice and you have to look up what is going on there in the sky.

  12. Wow, it must have been amazing. I don't do horror films so I would have been fine x

  13. Quite a sight but the noise of them screeching is unmistakeable. Always makes me think of 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock. Such a scary film.