Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reflections -- Three Thoughts for Thursday

Past and present meet in Stockholm, Wisconsin

When people think about Internet social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are what come to mind. Not blogs. It is a surprise to me in my one year of retirement how meaningful and even precious blogs and the bloggers who write them have become. I have been lucky enough to meet one of them in person and share some time with her in her part of England, and I will meet another tomorrow, right here in my own state. I can't wait!

Thanks to blogs, we are able to share our daily life, thoughts, and feelings with others all over the world. How amazing is that for someone who remembers snail mail penpals whose letters took weeks to travel both ways? And I am amazed at the talents and wisdom bloggers from all different walks of life and places on the globe share every day.

With Thanksgiving only a week away, I find myself filled with gratitude for things like bloggy friends, so for today's Reflections, I thought I would share three recent short gems of wisdom from blogs I read.


"It’s OK to create the life that speaks to you as an individual. You do not need (nor will you probably ever get) the approval of others to be yourself and to love what you love, so just do it… and let everyone else do it too."

-Mary Muncil, White Feather Farm


I know that not everyone will understand my choices. And that’s okay. I know that my love is not always received, often not even understood. And that’s okay. I know that so much of what seemed important, decades ago, has faded into obscurity now. And that’s okay. I know that even those who love me most will at times disappoint me. And that’s okay.

- Joss Burness, Crowing Crone


" I don’t believe in 'thinking' old. Although I’ve transitioned through many bodies—a baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, mid-life and older adult—my spirit is unchanged. I support my body with exercise, my mind with reading and writing, and my spirit with the knowing that I am part of the Divine source of all life. Don’t program yourself to break down as you age with thoughts that 'decline is inevitable.' Time may be passing for our bodies, but because they house our ageless souls, we never need to see ourselves as old and infirm."

-John Katz, Bedlam Farm


  1. Some really wonderful thoughts. Hope your meeting goes well tomorrow.

  2. Well said, all 3. I got to meet a fellow blogger when she came to visit Savannah last year, it was great.

  3. Nicely done. I've only been blogging for six months and find it to be very reading your post this morning. Just lovely.

  4. Cynthia, yes you are right in the past were penpals now blogging is more popular and very fashionable. And what's more it is the easiest way to contact with people around the world. I love it very much

  5. What a lovely reflective post. The quotes your chose from blogger friends were inspirational and I enjoyed looking at Stockholm through your eyes. All that said, like the person who wrote the first comment above, I hope your meeting goes well tomorrow, too!! ��

  6. I don't "do" the other stuff but I sure enjoy blogging and reading blogs...I have "met" some delightful you! :)

  7. Have fun meeting your blogger friend.
    I enjoy blogging, took me awhile to though. It's interesting reading the blogs that I do and posting...we become a family, I think.
    Interesting what people write, and what you have put on your blog.