Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grandma Was Right!


My Norwegian grandma had a saying for every occasion.

Laugh before breakfast, cry before supper.

If your palm itches, you will be getting some money.

If your nose itches, you'll be getting company.

Your nose and your feet continue to grow all your life.

Sadly, I think the last one is true!

I thought my winter hikers were getting tight last winter. I wore them Saturday for the first time this winter, and they are so tight my feet froze! How can this be?



The sun was rising as I came up the hill through the pine and birch woods.









A haze covered the meadow as the sun rose in the sky.








The hay has been harvested, baled, the bales stored away, and the Earth rests.





A small stand of corn is left in its summer rows for wildlife cover and food.



In the meadow at the top of the hill a string of a dozen bluebird houses dots the horizon.


I like to think that the bluebird family that called this home is now eating insects in Mexico or Costa Rica.





I wonder how many miles these boots and I have walked together over the last 10 years.

Next time I'm doing errands, I will drop them off at a charity shop.

There's still a lot of life left in them for a hiker with smaller feet, and I hope they continue to travel to other far-away places without me.

Just like the bluebirds I enjoyed here in this meadow last summer.


  1. Mama used to say most of those things like your Grandmother, except that your nose and your ears grow all of your life. :) And if the bottom of your feet itch, you are going to walk on new ground. Love your pictures and your writing!

  2. My Mom said that if your nose itches you're going to kiss a fool.
    I'm afraid your Grandmother was right about our feet and noses, it's a shame.

  3. Your Grandmother had some lovely tales. I didn't know that your feet continued to grow. Beautiful photos.

  4. Lovely scenery on your walk. While it's a pity your feet have grown I can share in your sad tale. Mine have also grown the last few years. Even more shocking to me is I seem to have grown taller but about 2 inches. I didn't think it was possible! LOL

  5. I love the sayings that get passed down in families! Fun to read yours! If we told my grandmother we were hungry, she told us to eat some salt and then we'd be thirsty instead. It was her way of telling us to wait for dinner. I hope your boots will find other trails and many more miles.

  6. Cynthia you granny was wise woman. Saying were very popular in the past now are less popular. But in Poland we say if your nose itches you will be angry..

  7. I have always waited for the money part! If you drop silverware on the floor company is coming and they are hungry:) You took some beautiful photos of your part of Minnesota. We have about the same amount of snow:)

  8. The wisdom of grandmas! My two had some interesting words of wisdom and both having rural backgrounds one ( best not mentioned) was
    regarding wretched crows!
    I believe ears also keep growing as you age. Certainly never knew that feet did - unless swelling from the heat is classified as growing??
    But they subside when cooled off.
    I agree with your Polish colleague, Gosia k, (above) - when my bloody nose itches - I am very annoyed.

    So much for our bloody weather forecasters regarding a storm last night! I even checked to see if these BNE forecaster's
    geography had improved - so looked up Buenos Aires in Argentina - fine and hot there also! I was suspecting storms - ha ha!
    Supposedly this evening another storm to cool us off but the good news is that in the north west of QLD and other inland areas
    of Australia plentiful summer rain has fallen.

    Aussie Col

  9. A shoe sailswoman in a shoeshop told me the older you are the more your feet are sinking in, so they become more flat and you get a bigger size that way. I have one bigger size now as I used to have had my whole life.

  10. A new pair of boots some up then for you. I noticed I went up a size with my shoes as I got older. The walk looks cold to me :)
    Wise sayings of your grandmothers and I can relate to the itchy hand one. Itchy left one money comes in, itchy right one money going out. I didn't necessarily believe in that but I do now, because it happened to me recently.

  11. Such a good post - those hikers have good karma! I guess Santa will have to bring you new ones.

  12. Snow! I've only been to the snow once and I fell ill so wasn't able to enjoy it. I'm not fond of the cold, but would like another chance to play in the snow. :-)

  13. I enjoyed this post immensely. Appears you have a love of the land too.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.