Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Day After the Day After

So, yesterday was Boxing Day, which mostly no one pays attention to in the US.

( I know the tradition of lining up the servants (thanks to wonderful British imports such as Upstairs, Downstairs) and passing on the gifts that weren't quite up to par (or so "last year"), but what happens in Britain on Boxing Day in 2014 when mostly no one has a fleet of servants anymore? Don't look for an answer here; I have no idea!)

But this is what very early Christmas morning looks like in a family with four small boys.

Do you think they're excited?

So much noise and fun.



Most of my company left for home in the afternoon yesterday. I was tired of cooking and talked out, so Mom and I decided to try out the newly-renovated movie theater nearby and its reclining armchairs and saw the new version of "Annie".





On the way home we picked up Chinese take-out in little boxes and went home for a long winter's nap.

Our version of Boxing Day.











  1. Some happy young men there.
    Boxing Day in England? I'll show you tomorrow.

    1. I'm so glad you are going to enlighten us! I'll be by tomorrow for sure.

    2. I will be looking too, John!
      Aussie Col

  2. I think they box up stuff for the poor on boxing day but I may be wrong. I sent home food with the girls...maybe that counts:) What fun with all those little ones! :)

  3. My husband crushes or cuts all the Amazon boxes on Boxing Day.

  4. Cynthia your boys are very excited and happy. And your house looks like playgroung or toy shop. I think that it was great evening with your mum in the movie theather. The winter nap is a great idea. I love it during my vacation.

  5. Boxing day is often spent eating another large lunch with extended family members. I travelled to my brother's house in Hampshire (about 180 mile round trip) and had lunch with his family. Then drove to Manchester today to see Mum (lousy journey taking 6 hours!). I'm so fed up of driving. Your evening sounded so much better.

  6. Well here, Boxing Day, it is major sporting events.
    The Boxing Day test commences ( 5 days of Cricket) - this time the foe is India - always held in Melbourne, a city which considers itself the Sporting Capital of the World!!! ( And don't disagree with the Melbournites on that one!!)
    The Sydney - Hobart Blue Water Ribbon Yachting Classic - which is a spectacle and a half to witness at the start for the race to the heads.
    Classed as the most prestigious and dangerous yachting race in the World - entries come World wide.
    A US Maxi-yacht, Commanche, won the race to the heads and turned first to Hobart, but has now lost the lead.
    Other yachting races - Melbourne to Devonport (Tasmania) and the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race.
    Plus surf carnivals all around the country - and of course eating leftovers from Christmas day.
    And that is Boxing Day - Australian style.
    Thankfully the weather was perfect for this day and good ole "Hughie' delivered bountiful rain on the 27th for the outback
    farmers. Now everyone is happy - the perfect ending after a very hot Christmas day here in Brisbane!
    And better news - it is still raining - Brisbane has been beautifully soaked for over 24 hours and is COOL!!
    Thankfully for the sports mad Melbournites it is NOT raining! "Hughie" for the remaining 3 days coming on the scene
    at the MCG would be MOST unwelcomed
    Aussie Col

  7. Yes your family look excited with their presents...great fun watching grandchildren undoing their presents.
    Boxing Day in Tasmania is often revolved around sport, beach, friends, family and the shops have great sales.
    i watched the cricket and had a sleep.

  8. Company that goes home! What a magical idea. I really identify with being talked out. Our company isn't leaving until Sunday and I'm re-learning (as I do at Thanksgiving, too) the challenges of hosting a family of 5 with 3 very active grandsons - 12, 10, 5 - indoors in the wintertime.

  9. My boxing day was quieter than yours. I did eat more as we have lots of leftovers from the Christmas feast.

  10. Sounds like a lovely day to me, whatever it's called . . .

  11. Boxing day for our family over the years has been

    Spending Christmas with the parents then Boxing day with the in laws.

    After I was remarried my DD spend Christmas with us and Boxing Day with her partners family, My DS spent both days with us and my Step sons had to spend alternate with their Mum and us until they told her they didn't want to see her again.

    So in short, it's used for alternate families on alternate days or sitting on your butt watching sport and maybe a pop down the pub. We watched a film then visited friends and just got home before the snow hit x

  12. Now that's how Christmas morning used to look at our house! How perfect that you and your Mom went to see a movie and relax. And brought home Chinese food! Sounds like a good change to me!

  13. Four boys wow that would have been fun and noisy. you found a good way to spend Boxing day. When I was a kid we always went for a picnic at the beach on Boxing Day. Now we visit family and often have a picnic by the bay. Colin has mentioned that sport plays a big role on Boxing Day but we also have Boxing Day Sales madness like US Black Friday Sales.

  14. The children do look SO excited, lol. It always warms my heart to see happy children. I love how you spent Boxing Day with you mom at the movies. I sure wish we had a movie theatre with recliners like you have. Wow that would be awesome. I also like the old store where time stood still. We have so very few of those now where I live and I always enjoy my experience inside. Have a very Happy New Year Cynthia. May God bless you and your family with everything you need in 2015!