Saturday, December 6, 2014

Start of a Beautiful Day

I made my breakfast and tea, pulled my old rocking chair up to a west window, and watched the full moon

settle into a stand of giant spruces while I ate.

So bright and peaceful, a perfect start to a new day .

It's supposed to be a "warm" one ( by Minnesota standards anyway, high of 28 F/-2 C) and sunny, and I will meet a friend for an early morning hike in a bit. Then back home to warm up and work on Christmas gifts I'm knitting and write some Christmas cards.

I hope you have a peaceful, bright Saturday doing some of the things you enjoy, too!



  1. Brr!! It will be 72º here today, not very Christmasy, but I like it. Enjoy your walk.

  2. Sounds cold to me, love the knitting project.

  3. Oh - well that temperature is a double Brrrrrrrrr! Brrrrrrrrrr! to my way of liking.
    Here in Brisbane at present it it 71 F / 22 C. Expected to reach 30 C and then
    a possible severe storm - 70% chance. Storms are just off the coast on the radar!!!
    Thankfully the predicted storms for this coming week ( now Sunday 7th) will not be of the catastrophic
    variety as the one over a week ago - damage bill now $1 billion and rising!!

    Walking???? I would, if I could, be racing through the sound barrier and back inside in the blink
    of an eye.
    Nah I'll settle on our storm which will at least knock the preceding "sauna ville for a six".

    These present storm cells are at least bring well needed rain to the rural communities in Australia.

    Cheers to "freezer ville from sauna ville."
    Aussie Col

    1. Result of above weather prediction for Sunday 7th (BNE).
      Sauna - 10
      Expected storms and cool change - Zilch (0)
      Weather forecasters: Should be banished to a gulag!
      Urgent request: Please Cynthia - just send 10 minutes of your deep freeze - that should
      do the trick.
      "Sweatsville" Aussie Col ( 7.30 am Monday 8th)

  4. Temperatures went below freezing last night so a bit slippy underfoot this morning. No matter as I had a very enjoyable day meeting some blind teenagers in the residential home where they live. We then went to the gym which we all enjoyed. Time to count my blessings.

  5. Cythia what time did you get up? In my opinion is aboutr six because it looks the same as in my place. You are very gifted at knitting so maybe next time you make a sweater for me and I am going to send you some wool.

  6. My favorite shade of blue is that early morning sky you captured. I like the colors you are are using in your knitting project. Sounds like a lovely quiet day.

  7. Your knitting looks wonderful, so colorful. Keep warm, Cynthia.

  8. Nothing better than a good walk on a fine, frosty morning. Too bad that I'm working all this weekend!

  9. Sounds a lovely day, I can picture you in your rocking chair eating your cereal. Can you rock and knit? Silly me, of course you can!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  10. Sounds like the perfect plan for a Saturday to me!

  11. Your morning sounds just about perfect to me!

  12. Oh my you are one of those knitters that can change yarn colors just like looks beautiful... a hat perhaps:)

  13. Trust you had a good walk.
    Nice knitting there.

  14. What a beautiful way to start the day... and your knitting is so pretty (a winter hat? it looks SO warm! :)