Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Walk in the Park

A week ago it was snowing and the ground was white for a day and a night.

Since then, spring has been making its way north.




No leaves on the birches deep in the woods yet.









The first woodland flowers of spring, the bloodroot, have just opened.











Along the marsh the faintest and softest greens increase daily







... just like the willows on the banks of the lake.









No warblers yet, but the Canada geese and mallard ducks are pairing up and defending territory.







We enjoyed a picnic of Chinese take-out (triple mushroom pork to be exact) on a rock in the sun and then had a 3-mile hike for dessert.

A perfect way to spend a few hours of a perfect spring day.


  1. Great shots; nice variety. Looks like the capricious weather is becoming a bit warmer with steadier temps.

  2. Glad to see that Spring is inching towards you. Most of our warblers have arrived and are singing lustily in the branches.

  3. So happy that spring has finally arrived for you Cynthia! It's such a welcome sight to see flowers and green coming through the brown.

  4. It looked like a beautiful day for a good walk and picnic. What a delight after a snowy winter.

  5. A perfect day indeed. The great outdoors and Chinese take-out to boot!
    And it's refreshing to visit someone who's even more warm weather challenge than I am. (Sorry.)

  6. Definitely I live in a warmer climate. In Poland the trees are green

  7. It will look great when the foliage returns to those trees.
    Love the military stance and position of your "FIELD GLASSES" !
    C-in-C Cynthia of the Minnesota militia - ha ha.

    I think with those "poo" professional Canada geese I would be carefully
    watching where my feet were going.
    I haven't read of any reports of an imminent invasion by the "Kanuks
    above the border - ha ha.
    PS: Stop sending your bloody rain here! Another deluge overnight and
    a very bleak and dull day with that drizzle stuff falling.
    No bloody picnics here in BNE except for the duck species!

  8. What a beautiful area. I am glad spring is arriving.

    No bootleggers? Teasing. Thanks for visiting.

  9. I think spring is finally here. We had a high of 25 C (80 F) yesterday.

  10. A 3 mile walk for dessert, how lovely and I bet your enjoyed.
    Nice scenery and it's pleasing to know it's warming up with no snow in your spring at the moment..We need rain and lots of it.

    1. Margaret
      You can have our stuff - bucketing down again and likely to stay
      for the next couple of days. Why can't it go south to Tassie???

  11. It is so nice to read about places that have definite seasons. Where I live the seasons are not so distinct...we are in Fall here now but it is still like summer! Lol

  12. Spring is always such an inspiring season with nature popping up from the winter sleep.