Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look Up St Paul

There is a website called that sells eguides for walking tours of US cities for 99 cents each. I have purchased and used the two for Minnesota largest cities. Generally, they give an overview of the history and provide a walking route, pointing out sights that would appeal to adults and older children.

But. (Isn't there always a but?) And maybe it's just me, BUT they don't always point out what I find most interesting.


The guides are called Look Up ________ but they don't really encourage you to look up. I started out following the St Paul guide one day but ended up spending my time in one area and actually looking upward.

Here's my version of looking up at St Paul, from about a one block area in the area of Rice Park.






Lawson Commons Building far left. Not sure what the others are, but a variety of styles.










Frieze above entrance to Depression era Art Deco City Hall and County Courts.


This city street scene shows a police officer, mail carrier, newsboy, blind man, elderly couple, laborer -- showing the diversity of the city's residents.



The Hamm Building on the left. Building began just before World War I and ended abruptly when the war started and funds dried up. The Hamm family (of beer fame : From the land of sky blue wa-aters, comes the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing.... ) stepped in to finish the mammoth building as business offices for their brewery.











Landmark Center, old St Paul Federal Building and Post Office










Pedestrian mall between two major streets
I can't resist providing the original Hamm's Beer commercial for you. It is my first memory of tv (my grandparents's tv). There was no programming for kids but I would come running when I heard the first notes of this song to sing along. Enjoy!


  1. Cynthia , great and funny commercial. What a pity I can't taste it. The city looks so modern

  2. Good idea for a frieze. I have never heard of Hamms beers but I think that jingle is just going to go round and round in my head.

  3. Nah - this city "Walkthetown" 99c ( do you still have 1 cent pieces???) does not appeal.
    I hate items here being $4.99 etc - all this ending in 9c stuff when the charge is to the nearest $1,
    or 1.79 is actually 1.80!
    I've been told it is a tax evasion scheme suiting the seller!

    Hamm's beer - yes most enjoyable - always at least a 6 pack in my sister, Cheryl's,
    fridge in Rochester! Quite remarkably, there was a six pack in her fridge last time
    I was in Sydney??? Anyhow it was smartly disposed of, maybe her son's like it.
    as Cheryl is not really a beer drinker!
    Available here on tap in some up-market bars and the back-packer bars.

    The "jingle" was great - good and funny old fashion, not like the rubbish of today.
    But when it finished - I wonder what Miss Exceedingly Buxom supports - ha ha!
    And then to see Carlesberg (Danish), Sapporo (Japanese) and Heineken (Dutch)
    beers also - I'd say that was an add on well after the original Hamm's TV ditty hit
    the airwaves???
    PS: Rain gone - blue skies - and that "doona/duvet" is coming out of storage today!

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about but this made me smile

    2. I believe the "joys of the amber liquid".

      I think your smile would have been at the end of the TV
      promotion - Miss Exceedingly Buxom!!!!

    3. Yikes! I didn't even notice the girl until you pointed her out! I'm leaving it up anyway. So there.

  4. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. I adore art deco...... Our cottage is based on it
    Greetings from wales x

  6. Having just finished two bird trail maps for this area, I know it's hard to include everything. I'm sure people will say the same thing about our bird trail...why isn't ______________included?

  7. I love that commercial too...we sang along too! Musta been a MN kid thing! Those are some tall buildings! :)

  8. I've often set off following a guide but always get side-tracked, so I know exactly what you mean. You wouldn't get away with using kids' carttons to advertise beer these days; someone would accuse you of encouraging under age drinking>

  9. Nice photos and it's interesting what you find when you look up..we don't have many tall buildings but you don't need real tall ones.
    Love that add...

  10. Great pictures, and I remember the Hamms beer commercial well. The music on this little ditty was great.

  11. You're a 'head's up' sightseer like me! I love to look up. You captured some great shots! And the commercial . . . well I'm one of those MN kids who sang along, too. Doesn't the duck crack you up when she sings "Hamms beer" in the second part of the commercial? Still makes me smile. And 'lofty balsams' still sticks in my mind! Fun post . . . and ensuing comments.

  12. Seem like I could feel my neck hurting just looking at the pictures. :) I've never seen that commercial. How simple TV used to be. I love the old commercials.

  13. It is always interesting to look up in a city, there is so much to see. And with a guide in your hand you see even more details.

  14. Your looking up photos are great! I have checked out the walkthetown website, they should have you on their marketing team :)
    I can imagine you singing along with the bear on a surfboard!
    Wren x