Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prairie Hike

This morning on the way back from the creamery I decided to stop at a county park and hike for an hour. The shoes I had on were okay, I had some gloves in the car, but the only camera I had was on my phone. Oh, well. It was a gorgeous morning, 34 degrees F, bright sunshine, cloudless sky, a pheasant clucking in the background as I strode out across the prairie.

I couldn't really see what the camera was catching so I just shot a bunch of photos blindly and looked at them when I got home. Hmmm, it seems the camera was on black and white mode.

I was disappointed but then I decided to play around with a photo editing app and see what I could come up with. It was kind of fun.




  1. B & W photography tells a different story to that of colour. Your editing has further changed the effect of your images. Great fun to play with. Warm wishes.

  2. Creamery? I presume that is where you get milk etc?
    34 degrees Fahrenheit does not seem bloody glorious to me one iota!
    Double it and then the walk in the bushlands (scrub) would be OK for me - ha ha.

    Tut tut - the black and white shots are fine, but I can't see any pheasant. I guess
    if you had had a gun that was a pheasant that got away.

    Easter here has been miserable - Sydney has its Easter Racing Carnival on - the main
    day yesterday - Derby Day - and the track was only fit for duck parades so was cancelled!!!
    Here in Brisbane - we got "skuds" of rain - the useless stuff and then overnight rain. This Easter
    has been one that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons - MISERABLE!
    Suppose to clear on Monday for a couple of days???? Hmmmmmmmm - we'll see.
    I sure know one family who ventured for camping, water skiing, jet boat skiing etc at Somerset
    dam who won't forget this "holiday" for a long time. I can hardly wait for his whinges, gripes etc
    on Tuesday morning - I think I'll take ear-plugs - ha ha!
    Cheers - at least the snows have gone in Minnesota ??
    Aussie Col

  3. You can manipulate a lot with photos, it is nice to play with the app and see the different results.

  4. No snow? Summer must be on its way! I like the black and white photos.

  5. So we can learn from our mistakes. I like what you did with your photos.

  6. I think the photos turned out lovely. Happy Easter to you.

  7. Oh, BRRRRRR! It was almost 80ยบ here today. Have a Happy Easter.

  8. I like the pictures! They remind me of pictures from an old old book of some sort.

  9. The landscape looks interesting. But it reminds November not April.

  10. Loved the pictures and the effects on them.

  11. Very nice creativity. It's always so much fun to experiment with photo editing. You did a great job.

  12. Your Praire Hike photos turned out well, I wish I did more in Black and White, the grasses look great like this and your last photo in particular is very dramatic! I only ever use my camera phone for my blog photos...
    Happy Easter to you are yours!
    Wren x

  13. Oh my your temperature is cold,...but the sun warms the bones. I like your phone variations..

  14. Beautiful photos. Happy mistake.