Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gimme a Sign


They're everywhere.

Small town Minnesota shop,

with a little bit of everything.

Yes, books,

lest you miss them amongst all the, um,


The bigger and higher the sign,

the greater the patriotism?

Practical signs, this one multi-tasking in


We need these in America. Those butts on

the ground and

gum on your shoe are so unattractive.


Because everything sells better with a

Santa on it.

Perplexing signs.

Why do these steps in Savannah, Georgia,

require a warning sign?

They look to be in excellent shape.


Signs to make us laugh

(Needs a little grammar work on pronoun agreement, though)

And signs to remind us how to live.



  1. A varied collection of signs.

  2. Love the signs, but I must say that books and stuff is my kind of shop.

  3. That shop looks very intriguing with the books and stuff...I'd be browsing through to see what I could find. Fun signs.

  4. Great post that made me smile. I too loved the look of the shop, I would love a good rummage in there.

  5. Most amused by the sign about the historic steps.

  6. Had to smile at some of these signs. And was heartened by the Buddha quote.

  7. Cynthia, it seems me that European signs are much more informative

  8. There would be a bunch of us rummaging in that shop. I think maybe the risers on those steps wouldn't meet current specifications?

  9. We need the gum+butts poles in Australia too. People are too lazy to walk to a rubbish bin to throw their gum away!

  10. Signs eh?
    We do have BINS for cigarette butts and for disgusting gum chewers and then spitters
    here in Australia - unfortunately people can't see them - especially female office
    workers on breaks for sneaky smokes!
    A word of warning: Don't chip the smartly dressed office workers regarding dropping
    their cigarette butt on the ground even though the bin is right next to them. You'll get
    a lesson in foul language!

    Strange how a sign "United We Stand" points to the Stars and Stripes????

    Funny business this sign stuff: Sensible and advisory signs are ignored, idiotic nonsensical
    signs are noticed. ????????????????
    From a lovely sunny Brisbane autumn day.

  11. Ooh, I would love to browse the book shop!

  12. These are all such fun signs, Cynthia. A lot of time I don't notice them, so it was fun to see what you pointed out.

  13. Nice signs - I have a bit of a fondness for industrial signage!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Great sign, had me laughing. I'm sure there are books in the shop somewhere...

  15. A great collection of signs!

  16. I look for unusual signs.These are good ones!

  17. Great signs, I have never understood why people spit out their gum :(

  18. Well done! A favorite of mine was at a freeway rest stop in Montana which advised to STAY ON THE SIDE WALK AS RATTLESNAKES HAVE BEEN OBSERVED IN THE AREA."...:)

  19. Interesting signs. I love that funny one having someobe not right in the head :)

    I guess we also need that gum bin.Ugh I sooo hate it when I step on a gum with my new shoes.