Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sprucing Up the Yard

We used the holiday weekend to tend to a few projects in the yard.


Birdfeeders must be hung.


The trick here is placing them so the squirrels have limited access and the people can see them from various vantage points on the deck and screened porch.









Yes, that's about right (although the we did make some adjustments after this photo was taken).

By the end of the three-day weekend, I had logged 15 species of birds without moving from the deck!









Birdbath must be leveled.





Look at that view!

If I were a bird, I'd sit in it all day.











Except for the lavender waiting to go in the ground, the deck plants are all in pots and growing like crazy. They are on the deck to keep the raccoons and deer from munching on them at night.


Three are tomatoes, peppers, sage, pineapple sage, parsley, thyme, and sweet basil. Both tomato plants have tomatoes on them.





Clearing a spot for raised beds and a fenced area for the main garden.

The big tree came down in a storm while we were in Minnesota. Fortunately it fell away from the house!

It was a popular dining spot for the pileated woodpeckers and other woodpeckers that live here and I'm sure they are missing it.

Paul is 6 feet tall. The base of the tree where it broke off just below ground level is taller than he is. It's a monster, beautiful colors and now a base for many interesting spider webs.

We didn't just work all weekend, though. I met some of the neighbors when we were invited to a picnic featuring boiled shrimp -- possibly my most favorite food! Besides the humans, I got to meet the roosters that wake up the sun every morning, and their harem of egg layers.


I started my first class through FutureLearn, "World War 1: Trauma and Memory," this week. So far, it's excellent! The videos are short, well done, and very interesting, but my favorite thing is the discussion. Because students come from many countries, generations, and areas of interest and expertise, I am learning so much from them. The first video showed some of the horrible wounds and made me wonder if I wanted to continue, but I definitely do.

As a retired teacher, it's fun to be on the other side of the desk for a change!

If you're interested, go here: https://www.futurelearn.com/about. It's free and they have a big variety of classes in different areas of interest.



  1. Wow, you certainly have a wonderful view from that lovely deck. Hope the lessons go well.

  2. Cynthgia it is going to be well- organised garden and friendly to birds. Love from Poland..

  3. You are a busy lady! The garden looks great and I too would love to sit on your veranda and watch the many species of birds. x

  4. I have saved "Futurelearn" for some time in the future - it looks interesting. I'm so glad we don't have deer and raccoons to add to the menagerie of pests we have here that eat my garden.

  5. Lucky that the old tree fell the other way. I think some tree checking of old trees near your
    home is in order. Also check the council by-laws for insurance - old trees that fall on homes
    that were too close to the residence may not be insurable!!!
    There is a bloody old large dying gum tree in the block across from me. Anyone with eyes
    can see it is in its death throes - it will make an ungodly mess when it falls on the homes
    around it.
    It is funny how in the USA - this bird feeding is so popular, here it is a rarity to see these feeders
    in yards. Anyhow these days you'd only be feeding the bloody crows and the murderous Indian
    mynas - all our little birds have been killed by the mynas!!
    You just pray that no clot stupidly brings some into the US unlawfully.

    Brisk this morning (7.00 am Wednesday) - winter only 4 days away.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia.)

  6. You seem to settle very well in your new environment. That is a huge tree that came down, indeed fortunately the right way.

  7. You didn't mention grass! I can tell why! No grass grows under your feet.

  8. You have been busy doing very good yard work! Yesterday I sat on a friend's patio with a wealth of bird activity and sounds. What a delight!

  9. The birds have a spa at your house, complete with buffet. My racoons wouldn't let a deck rail stop them!

  10. You are very lucky . . . . .15 species of birds.
    Agree about that bird bath. . . . . .if I were a bird, I'd sit in it all day.

  11. I've taken many classes at a local university in subjects I've never attempted before. And there are no tests! Just listen and learn.

  12. Now that was a busy three days. Well done...:)

  13. I like your new place very much. It's looks peaceful and fresh. That place where you have the birdbath-I can so imagine a hammock where I could lie, relax and read a book. Agh! Perfect. I like your spacious yard too and the view from the deck. And that stump...wow that is huge!

    It is very interesting to know that your father was in the Philippines during WWII. The world is so big yet so small.

  14. That was one big tree! AND you met the neighbors...how was that? Container gardening is the way to go if you have critters around...and yes I love the view of the bird bath!

  15. Well this little bird would be happy to visit your garden for certain these days! That is some big tree, I expect it will take some clearing! Your course sounds interesting, glad that you are "meeting' students from all over the world!
    Have a great day.Wren x

  16. I'm not so sure about the positioning of the bird bath, I think you should go for a hot tub or swimming pool there with views like that!

  17. Nice to know you are learning. Sounds like a good garden you have there. That treet, how lucky it fell the right way what a mess if it hadn't..i bet the birds make a noise but that's also nice to hear..

  18. Wow - your house has a great view!

  19. Seems like you are enjoying the sprucing up process. What a beautiful setting. Glad you are liking your online course. I had my first day of my summer German clas yesterday. Are those two trees close enough together for a hammock???? ��

  20. Wow you are already so busy after just arriving. I'm working my way backwards to get caught up on your travels. You have a lovely view from your deck and how sweet to give the birds such a pretty view.

  21. Wow! What a wonderful place to live. I am so happy for you. It sure is different from the Midwest.