Friday, February 26, 2016

Far-Flung Family - Vietnam Edition

My daughter is in Vietnam for a couple weeks as part of a program for leaders in agriculture for the state of Minnesota. It's a two-year program and 20 are chosen to participate. The culminating activity is a trip to meet with leaders in agriculture in another country. All expenses are paid by the program!

I thought I'd share a few photos she has sent me over the first few days.



Halong Bay.















They have toured oyster, shrimp, and crab farms and pineapple plantations near Hanoi...












...experienced the fisherman's life on the water and exchanged fishing stories about Minnesota

















... gone to market with Vietnamese fruit and vegetable farmers.














...learned how rice is grown and helped with planting



















...ridden working water buffalo










...walked down a country lane















...and been invited to stop for unscheduled tea and tour of this little farm -all 20 of them!- by a friendly farmer.





My daughter is on the left. She is the policy director for the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and their liaison with federal and state government.

They are only half way through their trip.



  1. You have a beautiful daughter with a million dollar smile! What an adventure and experience for her. I love all the photos of her, especially the one with the fruit and vegetable farmer.

  2. She follows in your adventurous footsteps then. She looks so vivacious and as Kate said has a fabulous smile.

  3. This is a wonderful opportunity for your daughter and I think having a purpose while there and visiting farms is the best way to explore the country.

  4. All I can say is "Wow!" What an adventure and what a wonderful mind she must have, to be chosen to participate! It looks like she is taking full advantage of every opportunity to really mingle and understand the strange (to us) and fascinating culture of Vietnam.

  5. Ana sure is having a great time and learning experience. Won't Mason and Co. be jealous of
    Mum on that water buffalo?
    The Vietnamese people are just so friendly to visitors. They sure welcome tourists like no other
    country on this planet.
    Unfortunately water buffaloes here are feral pests. Some one way back introduced them to the north
    for rice growing. That "pie in sky plan" was a failure and now these buffaloes have bred to plague proportions.
    See the movie, Crocodile Dundee!!
    Aerial culling keeps them under some control these days.
    Won't Mummy have some stories to tell the brigade of 4??

  6. What an incredible trip. I've never been to an Asian country. Your daughter is beautiful and looks so vibrant!

  7. What a wonderful opportunity your daughter has been given. She certainly have a lovely smile and it's no trouble telling she is your beautiful daughter.

  8. What an awesome opportunity she has had. The photos are lovely and I'm sure when you see her again she will have oodles of stories to tell.

  9. lovely young woman in the nice setting. Vietnam country of the poor and rich which worh visiting

  10. Wow, now that is an incredible opportunity, an amazing trip. You certainly have a beautiful daughter.

  11. What a great experience for her to visit the country. She looks beautiful!

  12. Your daughter is beautiful! She favors you. I just love seeing these pictures from Vietnam. Thank you!

  13. Your daughter is gorgeous! That method of watering looks like hard work - but obviously effective.

    1. The watering lady is 72 years old and, as my daughter said, still rockin' the farm chores. Those cans have got to be heavy!

  14. What an interesting post. I hope the second half of her trip goes well for her.

  15. Your daughter is a beauty. I loved this post since we were in Vietnam not too long ago. We did see Halong Bay also. It's such a beautiful country and everyone was so nice.

  16. What a great experience! Your daughter is a real beauty and has a wonderful smile, she is a great ambassador for Minnesota! :)