Tuesday, February 2, 2016

'I Brought You a Little Something'

I thought we would stop on our way home and get you something from Florida. This looks like the perfect place (and reminds me of the Florida of my childhood).

One-stop shopping.

The Nuthouse has everything!



There are lemon, lime, and orange trees

for sale

in front.








Would you like some shells

or oranges?

Frog jam, anyone?










And if frog jam doesn't do it for you,

how about some alligator jerky?


Last chance!

Shell wind chimes, t-shirts, peach cider, necklaces, 10 flavors of honey, boiled peanuts, marmalade, bags of pecans in the shell, shelled pecans flavored with chocolate, cinnamon, chili pepper, honey, lime, orange or dirt (ha ha, I made that one up!).




We bought some local honey for the friends who took care of the dogs,

used the restrooms,

and escaped!



  1. Frog Jam? You really would get a frog in your throat wouldn't you (or is that just an English saying?)

  2. I'd have the pecans thanks - any style. Please tell me there are no frogs in the frog jam!

  3. What a neat place! I'd get a nice wet sack of boiled peanuts!

  4. Yes Cynthia I'd be getting out quickly also.
    FROG JAM and ALLIGATOR JERKY - you have made my day.
    I don't think I will be able to look at food for at least 24
    hours after reading this, but my doctor would like to see a bit
    of weight removed, so I suppose I am indebted to this "lovely"
    shopping expedition.
    Your selection of honey was by far the best as a gift of thanks.
    PS: February has arrived here with a sweltering BANG!
    Still two months of summer with pleasant temperatures was
    most agreeable - but FEBRUARY is another matter!

  5. I hope you didn't bring me the dirt covered almonds! Seeing the photos is quite enough...

  6. Oh please tell me you didn't have boiled peanuts!

  7. These places do a thriving business as people want something out of the ordinary.

  8. I would have chosen the boiled peanuts, or one of those pretty fruit trees out front. Getting to see this place was a gift! :)

  9. I'll take some pecans, almonds, peanuts, jam, etc...... :)

  10. I would like pecans minus the dirt! Boiled Peanuts...I have had them and did NOT like them! What a great place to stop...not so sure I would like Frog Jam either but would like to try a sample:...and fresh oranges oh my I can still taste them from when we lived in Florida back in 1973...nothing like them:)

  11. Cynthia interesting place and origibal one comparing to Europe

  12. Interesting place, love the name :)
    Isn't it good to have a restroom when travelling, then run off without buying anything :)

  13. Haha! Some 'exotic' products there! I'll pass though thank you Cynthia!

  14. Some creepy products they sell there!

  15. You haven't tempted me but still nice to have a look around.

  16. Pecans for sure! And some boiled peanuts. I do like them from time to time. Thanks ever so much! Great pit stop. I needed that!

  17. We have lots of pecan stops here in Texas as well, but none quite so enticing as your stop.