Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Whatnot

We've had some cold weather that gets me longing to take on a knitting project. The only problem is, I live in South Carolina now and can't think of anything I need to knit!

I have a couple winter scarves, more than enough for the few days cold enough to wear them, two wool shawls (ditto), and several pairs of wool socks.

So, when I saw this car on the road in front of us, I knew exactly what happened.




She had to knit!

Something! Anything!

I may soon be out yarn bombing our mailbox.

Or knitting leggings for the egrets, poor things, who stand out in the icy water day after day.




I couldn't resist stopping in this animal rescue charity shop when I saw the name.




And look what I found!

My cat would have loved it.

And defeathered it in a day!

And probably broken the lamp in the process.











Tulip tree last weekend outside the Beaufort Library

... and some very good advice





  1. Oh, love that quote Cynthia. I'm not a knitter - which is lucky as it is too hot here most of the time for knitwear too - so maybe that's why I've seen a fair bit of yarn bombing further north too.

  2. Oh, love that quote Cynthia. I'm not a knitter - which is lucky as it is too hot here most of the time for knitwear too - so maybe that's why I've seen a fair bit of yarn bombing further north too.

  3. Were you "tailing" that small 4WD?? Bit close, eh? I wonder were the occupants of that
    vehicle Danes on Holiday as it has the flag on Denmark on the rear window.
    It would appear that someone in that vehicle is "nuts" about knitting, ha ha.

    Feathers on a lamp shade??? I would think that would, besides your cat making "mince
    meat" of the plumes, to be a possible fire hazard. Hopefully the plumed lamp was just for
    show and never turned on.
    That sure is a magnificent tulip tree in full bloom.
    Summer almost over here - some areas did get extreme heat - Brisbane this year
    was hot during some days but not one "sauna" night as is the norm. I think
    the weather has forgotten February and I hope that in the future it does the
    same, at least whilst I am still here.

  4. Well, I've written my mother's memoir, and have written a novel, and there are many things I've done that weren't even on my bucket list. Taking a trip out West this summer so that should finish out my state tours.

  5. So many wonderful things here to comment on that I'm rendered speechless.

  6. Cannot believe the spare tire "muffler!" Love the quote and the blossoms.

  7. Great quote! Our turtles who crawl out look like they could use a sweater or some very short leg warmers if the urge to knot hits you.

  8. I love the quote and the tulip tree. I knit but am not at the level where I simply must. I feel for you. How about knitting some very lacy shawls with very thin yarn.

  9. I think that you could knit for charity...mittens for school kids etc...! I am trying to knit bandages for the Dove Fund Bandage Brigade, it might be just the fit for you! :)

  10. Thats ridiculous knitting a spare wheel cover. I hope you can think of a better project. Love the quote.

  11. Somebody must have been desperate for knitting anything whatever it is!

  12. I'm amused at the knitted cover. I know what it's like to have to crochet :)

  13. I like the quote you posted. Makes one wonder what has been missed because of any tentativeness or image concerns. Just a knitting question for you. Did you try to get the pattern for the tire cover??? ��

  14. You could become the secret yarn bomber of South Carolina! Very wise words quoted.

  15. Now I know why people in Melbourne cover the lamp posts with knitted love!! We had a street cat in Singapore who moved in with us when I was a kid, it was called Meow too ^..^
    Have a happy week knitting or not!
    Wren x

  16. Cynthia, what a fun post! Not only was that person desperate to knit, she must have had some ugly yarn she needed to use. You should have bought that lamp shade for Rosie.

  17. Anne is a smart lady.

    Love the shop name!

  18. You are funny! It's right, it's very cold here, but I cannot knit.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  19. I love that quote! And those feathers on the shade....all I can think of is the amount of dust they would attract. It's a good thing you have nice weather down there as that knitted tire cover would be filthy here in a matter of minutes on the roads.

    You know if you are so inclined to knit, and have yarn at hand, it might be a way to make a few extra dollars. :-)