Monday, February 8, 2016

Back to Amelia Island

Amelia Island off the Florida/Georgia coast is one of our favorite places.

When my house is Minnesota is sold next spring, we are thinking of making it our home.

We ended our Florida trip last week with a night and a day on Amelia. When we arrived at our hotel the sky was cloudy and gray with just a hint of the pink sunset.


We had this beautiful view of the ocean and sky from our hotel balcony over the dunes.

We took an evening walk on the beach and then settled in at the sand bar to listen to the waves break on the shore and have dinner.

We were practically the only diners sitting outside.




The next morning we walked another beach, City Beach, in the only town on the island, Fernandina Beach. I had never seen Black Skimmers before, and they were in abundance.



The skimmers hang out with flocks of gulls on the sand, then suddenly en masse lift out of the gull gathering and fly and wheel low along the beach. Then they land, the gulls catch up, and they do it all over again!




This is a a skimmer.

I couldn't get near enough to them to get a closeup so thank you very much, Wikipedia.





On the drive home from Amelia, we left the interstate somewhere to take a backroad through Woodbine, Georgia, population 1300, in search of the Stardust Motel. Even better, we found this.







The Woodbine International Fire Museum and antique store.

The sign on the right says "SHUT. Dead People's Things For Sale".

It looks as if it has been closed up for a long time.

Wouldn't you just love to meet the owner whose dream this was? I would!




Just one more photo for you.




Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday in the USA. The Green Bay Packers weren't playing so without a dog in the fight, I stayed home and read a book.


Obviously the rest of the family

was out partying!



  1. Hmmmmmmm - all very interesting.
    What's with the East Prussia Real Estate???
    A bit far from Germany - ha ha.
    I watched the "hoppla" at the Sofitel and cheered
    for the Broncos. The bar below was packed with US backpackers
    and residents - it is the favourite haunt for US tourists etc.
    when this comes on every year. Squeeze room only!

    For heavens sake remove that headgear from young Mason.
    Must take your "grid iron" players as we call it here, ages to dress
    and undress with all the protection gear that adorns them.
    PS: Still lovely weather in Brisbane - ???? - something above has gone haywire.

  2. Sounds like another exciting move for you to a lovely part of the country.

  3. Florida is so beautiful. My parents live there and I love visiting.

  4. Uh oh. You're about to give me beach fever. Love the skimmers.

  5. Amelia Island is so pretty, it's just that there are too many people in Florida. Every time we go down I can't wait to come home.

  6. So you are going to sell your house in MN, I cannot blame you all that sand looks better than a snowbank. We had a stormy two days...maybe three we will see what the morning brings. Windy! I enjoyed your sunny photos and yes I would like to look inside that shop! :)

  7. Avoid the Superbowl is that allowed ;)

  8. I have never seen or heard about the skimmer birds. I thought they were just skulls. They sell a lot of old stuff I suppose at the Antique shop.

  9. That looks like a good place to live, got to love living near the sea. I just love the shot of the shells - would make a great card or wrapping paper.

  10. These interesting places you visit and see, make me want to get out more. What do you think "SHUT" means on that sign. Here in the south I know folks sometimes say a place has shut down or closed. I stay pretty "shut" in, so it is probably over my head.:)

  11. Beachers and birds and shells! It is snowing here.