Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pawleys Island Beach This Morning


Our new beach ensemble!

Chairs with canopies? None left anywhere at this time of year. Chairs at a height that we can gracefully arise from the sand? In September this is the only color left within a radius of 30 miles in any direction of Georgetown.

It does make it easy to spot our chairs when we come back from walking.

The umbrellas attach to the chairs and are semi useful, as long as there is no wind to blow them inside out.

I could hear this plane flying along the beach before I could see it. It made a heavy thrumming sound in the air you could feel as well as hear. The engine is on top of the plane and the propeller is behind the engine. I tried to look it up and the only thing I can find that looks like it is a "top secret Navy Seal" seaplane. You think it could be?



  1. Looks like you had a glorious morning! Nice orange chairs!

  2. Orange, a great autumnal color for the beach.

  3. Who cares about chairs? You have the whole beach to yourself!

  4. The aircraft is a PIAGGIO (Italian production).
    They are flown on sea patrols. They are exceptionally
    In PNG when I was there in the 1960's they were used for
    mail and food deliveries to the outposts as they are short
    runway planes (forget the technical term).
    I guess on this sea checking flight, the plane in question could put down on
    a short piece of the beach. The plane may have been on aerial shark patrol???
    They are a very versatile aircraft. The US navy does fly them for offshore
    patrolling. I am sure you would find plenty of them in American Samoa, Micronesia (Guam
    etc) and around the Hawaiian Islands.

    1. Thank you, Colin! I was very curious to know what it was.

    2. Actually Cynthia my memory worked better AFTER I left the Library PC section.
      The PIAGGIO aircraft is referred to as a STOL plane (Short Take OFF "and" Landing).
      These aircraft are extensively used for bush/forest fighting services WORLD WIDE.
      I often wonder if you saw the movie, "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines",
      which was made well after this aircraft was produced, that plane with the propeller
      at the back of the wings and instead of flying across the Channel to Paris, set off
      in the direction of Scotland!!! ha ha
      Thankfully the PIAGGO does not fly BACKWARDS.
      Such a great movie that was.

    3. I haven't seen the movie but I'll have to see if I can find it. Thanks.

    4. Goodness !!!!!
      You MOST CERTAINLY MUST see this movie.
      An absolute classic - World CLASS cast and the vintage "flying machines".

  5. It seems you have a private beach there, all for the two of you. No thiefs to steal your chairs when walking away, amazing.

  6. That plane does sound different! Love your beach photos too.

  7. A whole beach to yourselves. How lucky are you two.

  8. Not a very busy beach! Never can tell about that airplane...probably some Millionaire:)

  9. A lovely time to be at the beach, when no one else is there.