Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Very Excellent Birthday Surprise

The Writer planned a birthday surprise for me on Saturday, a boat trip to see the Georgetown Lighthouse and the wreck of the Harvest Moon, a pre-Civil War steamer, and shelling on a small island in the Atlantic accessible only by boat, appropriately called Shell Island.

It was so much fun!


Heading out of Georgetown Harbor you can see the working boats, a shrimp trawler (the rest of the fleet was out shrimping) and the local watercraft tow service, the small red boat to the left.


Four rivers converge in Georgetown to become Winyah Bay (the Waccamaw, the Black, the Pee Dee, and the Sampit) and empty in the Atlantic. In the distance is the bridge over the Waccamaw River that takes us out to Waccamaw Neck and Pawleys Island.

Shell Island





A horseshoe crab scrapes its slow way back to the sea.






Tidal pools with crabs and other interesting creatures


The jetty formed by black granite boulders brought down from New England extends 3000 feet out into the sea and protects the shipping channel into the Port of Georgetown.

The shipping channel was dredged out by steam-powered dredges in the 1800s. The sand that was pulled up created a series of small islands along the channel, including Shell Island.


People in the photo are looking for large shells using their feet to find them in the sand.



After a 45 minute walk on the beach, we boarded our boat for the trip back.






A pod of dolphins followed us for miles. You can just see the fin of one in the photo but there were many more, including a mother and calf that swam right alongside the boat and treated us with great views.


No one on our trip found anything like this. It's a whale vertebrae and was found on Shell Island by someone on this boat a few years ago.

Returning to Georgetown Harbor four hours later . . .


A mallard family

greeting committee/guide flotilla

in place







It was definitely worth getting a year older!



  1. You had a wonderful day; the writer is very thoughtful! All the water photos reinforce the details of the day's outing. I especially like the first photo with the reflection of the cloud formation

  2. Happy birthday.
    Certainly a great day out.
    I had a suspicion that Paul might have gone to Atlanta
    for the final of the Fed Ex end of year golf championships.
    I guess not.
    PS: I suspect that you know where I was at 11.00 am Eastern Australian
    time yesterday - ha ha.

  3. What a wonderful birthday outing!

  4. wonderful outing.. a great place to visit.. And very, very happy birthday.. a big hug for your birthday.. :)

  5. You do write the most interesting posts. That was the perfect birthday surprise for you. I'm glad you both enjoyed the day. I've never seen a horseshoe crab before!

  6. Happy birthday! That was a great birthday present.

  7. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful day!! Looks relaxing too! :)

  8. What a great adventure. I would love that, too.

    Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I've never seen a live horseshoe crab before.

  10. Many happy returns the shell island is wonderful

  11. Belated Birthday wishes, what a wonderful Birthday treat.

  12. That's the very best way to honour a birthday - with a wonderfully memorable experience. It looked like a lovely day for it too. Cheers.

  13. Happy Birthday Cynthia. We're just home from our trip, still groggy, but I'm trying to get caught up on blog reading. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.

  14. Looks like a nice day at the beach...Happy Birthday

  15. Your husband planned a wonderful outing for your special day. I love that photo of the driftwood overlooking the sea.

  16. That was a super Birthday surprise. Happy Birthday.