Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Different Christmas

It's Christmas Eve day and normally I would be shoveling the snow from the driveway and getting ready for a houseful of family.  Things would be whipping and rolling and baking in the kitchen for tonight's smorgasbord of Norwegian treats and my mom would be asking if I want to go pick us up a "Caribou", the Minnesota equivalent of a Starbucks coffee.  "My treat!" she always says.
  Christmas carvings by my dad 
Not this year.  

This is my first Christmas ever away from my daughters and my grandsons.  My first year of Christmas in a warm climate.  

Things change, the last chapter of a loved book always ends.  The memories are ours to keep forever, but if we don't open another book and enter it with an open heart, we will always live in the past and never enjoy a new adventure.

So, we are making some new traditions, blended in with the tried and true.  
Instead of jule kage (Norwegian Christmas bread with candied fruit) we are having The Writer's family nut bread.  
Instead of by reindeer and sleigh, Christmas presents came via the mailman.  
Instead of the excitement and exuberance of four little boys, we will have soft
 Christmas music and a leisurely pace.  

I have The Writer, The Writer has me.  

And it will be Christmas 

and it will be good!

Fondest Wishes to you and yours
for a 
Very Merry Christmas! 

(The wooden ornaments pictured were carved by my dad from beach wood)


  1. Merry Christmas to you and the Writer, have a lovely Christmas. Things change and change can be good.

  2. What a nice text in this post. You said it so well, all the changes you have expierienced this year. Have a nice quiet Christmas time!

  3. Cynthia, you have brought tears to my eyes. Hope you and the Writer have a wonderful Christmas there together. Poppy and I will be here along this Christmas too. The plans got changed just last night, so I've been out shopping for something to cook for tomorrow...we thought we would be in Virginia.

  4. Happy Christmas from Poland your life is different but happy

  5. This Christmas will be full of a different kind of happiness. New memories and traditions to treasure in years to come. Raise a glass of cheer to your new exciting life together.x

  6. Christmas is what you make of it. You've got the right idea. Merry Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas.. have a lovely Christmas eve ..

  8. Lovely ornament.
    Merry Christmas and certainly a very different Christmas for you will enjoy the day.

  9. What beautiful carvings! How wonderful that you have them! Merry Christmas. It is raining and freezing her in MN I am certain it will be on the news. :)

  10. This was our first Christmas here in our retirement apartment. We didn't have all the family, but one daughter and her husband have been here for two nights. They gave us good news: they are expecting our third grandchild in July. Our two grandchildren live in NH and they stayed home this year.

  11. Indeed! We had a "new Christmas" also though in reverse as our son and grands are far away in Arizona & health issues keep us close to home here in Minnesota.

  12. Its hard the first time but you get used to it. I hope you and the Writer had a nice Christmas and have a Happy New Year.