Thursday, December 8, 2016

Small Town America: Georgetown Christmas Boat Parade

Not many days are left until Christmas to get all the fun stuff done and ready in time.  As you can see,  Rosie is busy
 "helping" us get ready.  As soon as I start working on a project she materializes out of nowhere and gets right in the middle of things.  She has plenty to say when you try to move her, too!

Last weekend was the Georgetown Christmas boat parade, one of the perks of living on the coast and a new Christmas tradition for me.  It was pretty impressive for a small town, drew a big turnout, and we enjoyed it very much.  Can't imagine the work and agility that goes into stringing all those lights up.

The sheriff's boat led off the parade and the US Coast Guard brought up the rear.
Besides all of us lined up on the Harbor Walk decks, there were boats full of people anchored out in the bay to watch.
Santas of every shape and size put in an appearance.

In spite of the balmy weather, there were plenty of snowmen.
Some of the boats had sound systems playing carols and others had live music like this one with carolers on the back.

Coast Guard Santa was wearing his life vest, setting a good example for all the kids watching.
So many small towns in America have completely lost their downtowns to the big box stores out by the highways.  We are happy we chose to be a part of a little town that has survived and kept its identity.  


  1. It looks wonderful, an enchanting example of community getting together.

  2. Gotta love cats! They are so stroppy. What a pretty and different Christmas parade, no wonder it's popular. Small towns rock.

  3. Our local boat parade was Saturday night, it's just down the road from us about a mile. Santa on his fire truck was out earlier this week too. Love small town life, it's one of the reasons we left California to move here.

  4. Now that's a different kind of parader. Yes, thee would be lots of work involved in making these floats.

  5. What a fun parade! Rosie is a beauty, how could you not like her help! :)

  6. Hope you are well!
    That must have been so lovely to see all the lights on the water with colourful reflections.
    Always care for small towns.

  7. Your cat does exactly what every cat does, so sweet with that innocent face of her thinking "so what is the problem?" Lovely light show with the ships.

  8. You are certainly reaping the benefits of living in a small town community. I expect everyone is very friendly.

  9. Love the cat in the nest!!! I remember the boat parade photos from last year? Such a lovely tradition - we usually have carols in the park, but this year it was rained off! Wouldn't matter to the boats but rather ruins a picnic in the park!
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x

  10. Rosie looks so pretty and sweet. That picture would make a perfect Christmas card. Do you use the spinning wheel? Spinning has always been a dream of mine. I would love to see the boat parade in person.

  11. It is looking beautiful... Hope you enjoyed a lot.. have a wonderful time..

  12. How fun! There are plenty of outdoor activities here right now but it's just plain too cold to enjoy them. I really should have considered a snow-bird lifestyle. :-)

    I bet you get a lot done with Rosie, I had my grand dog this week and she too was in my way no matter what I was doing.