Saturday, December 17, 2016

Come By and See My Christmas Decorations

I've been enjoying seeing other folks' Christmas decorations on their blogs so thought I'd share a few of mine.  I haven't added any new one for many years.  In fact, the Writer gave away all his and I gave away at least 50 percent of my Christmas decorations when we moved. 

It has been fun finding just the right spot for each of them in our new house and I have a feeling they are not all in the right spot yet!  

My dad made the wooden  Swedish Christmas tree and the ornaments are from the 1930s and '40s.  Some were my great aunt's.

I have several Santas, this being the smallest one.  I bought him myself when The Writer and I had our first home and he is made of fabric and pipe cleaners.

The reindeer is from the 1950s, back when plastic was new and called celluloid.  He is the only one left of a team held together with red ribbon and pulling a sleigh.


Three hand-carved tall Santas sit on the fireplace mantle on the right ... 


and this one on the left.

The celluloid Santa on the right has a light inside.  I think my parents bought him in the late 1940s for their first home. 
 I have eight of the small figures on the left, made of paper and pipe cleaners.
The rest of the gang -- made in Japan in the early '50s and purchased at Woolworths Dime Store for 10 cents.  I just looked them up on EBay and they are going for $16.50 to 19.00. Nice to know, if I'm ever hard up enough to sell them! 
(Don't ask me why the stocking stuffer second from the left has a bulbous red nose!  I've always wondered myself.) 

I have a few more to show you, but I'll save them until next time.

🎄🎄I hope you are enjoying your weekend!🎄🎄


  1. Love vintage Christmas, I remember when everything cheap came from Japan, now it's China. Fun try I g out different places to put stuff.

  2. Vintage decorations are the best - so much character.

  3. I don't believe it--I have the same 2 bells as is on your wooden tree on the left hand side--
    they were my mom's I think--and I have some larger glass bells that I have had since 1966--
    all my bells and glass ornaments go on the top of the tree every year--
    thanks for sharing yours with us-
    love and laughter, di

  4. You've made some great choices for your ornaments.

  5. Your Swedish tree is just perfect as are the ornaments on it! You have some beautiful old or two from Poland or West Germany I think...lovely:)

  6. They are all looking good.
    We don't have anything like that in our house, never have!
    Just a Christmas tree and a few other decorations the latter when the children were younger.

  7. It looks pretty Cynthia. Your decorations are collectibles and interesting. That celluloid Santa looks familiar. Mama used to talk about having dolls made of celluloid. Christmas is almost here!

  8. You have a wonderful collection, love the wooden tree and vintage ornaments. I wonder if I could get my husband to make one. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  9. That is so precious you kept all the old ornaments. They are su much prettier than the plastic new ones. Don't sell them, keep them for your daughter.

  10. Those are some lovely decorations. Finding their new right spot is tough. I never did put things in the same place for the 10 years we celebrated Christmas in our previous abode. I doubt I will do it here either.

  11. it is great to see all the vintage decorations,and love to read all stories behind them...