Sunday, August 13, 2017

Life Happens: Plan B

Thanks for the great comments from my last post.  Your memories brought many more things about life in the 50s back to me.  
🤓    🤓    🤓     

This is where I'm spending my days right now, with my mom at the Life Care Center.  

She has good care, plenty of physical therapy, and it's a nice facility.  

Of course, she would much rather be home but it's going to be a good while before that can happen.  

It takes a long time for things to heal when you are 90. 


The dining room is elegant even, with lovely tablecloths and crystal and silver table settings.  

On the left is an ice cream parlor which is open for a while everyday with free cones and bowls for anyone.

There are two therapy dogs who come and go.  

This is Cricket, a teacup Schnauzer.  She weighs six pounds and comes every day.  
They say she gets bored if she has to stay at home.
She is quite used to posing for photos and needs no leash.

Can you believe those ears?!!

And here is Jingle Bell.  She used to work four hour shifts as a greeter at Walmart.
Now she is very old and the pace of a care home is more to her liking.  

Mom isn't fond of the food here so we bring fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and yesterday we brought her favorite grilled shrimp tacos from the marina. 
They are soooo good!

So that's where we are, making life's lemons into lemonade.  


  1. It looks like a beautiful place! I am sorry your Mom has to be there but it is good that you are with her:)

  2. That is a beautiful care center! I hope your Mom get better real soon. I love the picture of The Writer and your Mom. You take care.

  3. Life Care Centere looks nice. Love for your mum from Europe

  4. Hate to be in a place like that, but if you do that looks like a really nice one.

  5. Oh wow! That is such an elegant place to be. I wish we had something like that in Hawaii, but care here is so darn expensive.

  6. I bet your Mum is thrilled to have your company at the moment despite the circumstances. The centre looks to be a beautiful temporary home for your Mum. I hope she doesn't have to stay there too much longer.

  7. Impressive establishment and no doubt the care is very good.
    I am surprised that dogs are allowed into the centre.
    I think here in Australia that would not be allowed in case of
    some disease. I know where my mother is in care at Bateau Bay
    there is a no animal permitted law. Strangely where I now reside
    no cats or dogs are permitted.......for a pet you can have a QUIET
    canary or budgerigar or a goldfish bowl (ha ha) - goldfish are pretty QUIET!

    Is your mother able to go out with you? My Mum goes on every outing that is available.
    Trouble is she can remember nothing when she returns except to say that she had a great time.
    Hopefully I will be able to see her on Thursday as my flu is over...........just the peculiar
    blotches below the knees, which are now slowly going.

  8. Whew your 90 any change is a big challege with support she will make it.

  9. This place looks beautiful, much more than here where eldery people have to live. But I understand there is no better place than your own home.Hope she will recover soon, you are a great daughter for her.

  10. So glad to read that your mother is on the mend. What a beautiful place it looks like she has for her recovery. Fish tacos sound pretty good to me, too! Best wishes to you all as you help her through this.

  11. I love your philosophy. I spent a lot of days helping my mom in her final months. Even though I'm number 4 of 6 siblings I had health power of attorney for her as my schedule was flexible once I'd retired. She lived 90 minutes from me and I could drop anything and go which I did on several occasions. She was in independent living until about 6 months before her death when she went to assisted living at the same retirement community. Will you mom be able to return to living independently?

  12. Dear Cynthia, as a lover of animals, I've wondered, while aging, what I'd do if I had to go into a senior facility and leave the cats behind. It's so good to discover that some places welcome animals. I wonder if some let a resident live with an animal. Do you know? I'm so glad that your mother has this nice place to stay in. But, oh, how she must enjoy your company when you visit. Peace.

  13. Wow that place looks lovely! Free ice cream parlour and having the dogs in there to comfort people - just lovely.

  14. It looks a beautiful facility pity about the food. I hope your Mum improves.

  15. My mom turns 91 Sunday and is still living independently at her home. We know that the time draws near for that to change, though...

  16. That meal for your mom that you brought her sounds delicious. I volunteer in a retirement home that looks and sounds like the place your mom is recovering in. Where I volunteer costs around $6,000 a month to live there. Yikes!

  17. Hate to be in a place like that, but if you do that looks like a really nice one.

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