Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Some Days Are Socks

A week ago my mom fell in the church parking lot and broke her hip, which put a serious cramp in her style and our hearts in our throats.  
Mom is 90 years young and no one believes it.  She drives her younger friends to the grocery store, works two mornings a week in the church office, belongs to a book club and a card club, flies to Minnesota by herself, and so on.  
Mom lives in Florida.  The rest of us are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.
She had a hip replacement and is now moved to a rehab center for a couple weeks.  One of my daughters, (and here's another story -- Sarah is being sent by her company to work in Germany for two years on 3 months' notice.  It's diamond earrings for Sarah, of course, but socks for us as we will miss her so much.) Sarah, is with Mom now and my other daughter (the one with four young boys and a full time job) will be with her for four days this weekend.  Then The Writer and I will swoop down (9 or 10 hour drive) for several days for her return home from rehab, followed by my sister and brother-in-law from Wisconsin. 
There have been at least 2000 text messages flying to figure this all out.  
But we did it, we have a plan.
Early this morning in the garden 
The garden has suffered from the heat but we may get a few more tomatoes yet.  The huge leaf on the upper right is a banana leaf.  
By the way, the raccoons got all my figs before they were ripe.  So disappointing!
The herb garden in the morning light
The Bird Girl on the right welcomes people to our home.
Can you find two "other" birds in the photo?  One is part of the trellis, the other is a real house finch which I didn't notice when I was taking the photo.  Surprise!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she comes through this ok. You're so lucky to still have her, I lost my Mom 24 years ago and still miss her.
    Where is your daughter going to be in Germany? We loved living in Germany, our daughter was born there.

    1. Sarah will be in Munich. Can't wait to visit her!

    2. Love Munich, we've been talking about a trip to Germany, I want to visit Munich and Berlin again. Haven't been to Berlin since the wall came down.

  2. Dear Cynthia, your mom sounds like the valiant woman of Scripture. Always there for others; always steady in her love. It's so amazing that your family can come from near and far to help her. I so hope that all goes well with her rehab and her return to her home . Breaking a hip at 90 can be devastating for some. I'm so happy for all of you that your mother is recovering well. I hope your drive down to Florida goes well and that you find all the peace and love and hope you are looking for when you get to your mom's side. Peace.

  3. yoy mum is an awesome woman. Greetings for her from Europe

  4. I'm sorry to hear of you Mother's tumble and injury. It sounds like she's spunky enough to recover quickly. I wish her all the best

  5. I am so sorry to hear that about your Mother. Something like that can sure affect all the family. Hope her hip heals quickly. Your garden is so pretty. I did find both birds. I have zero luck with figs. Seriously, we have been trying to grow figs ever since we moved here and something always happens. I think we've planted at least four fig trees and now have one living that is healthy and growing but a little cold snap last spring killed the little figs.

  6. Hope your Mother recuperates quickly!!
    BTW socks are better than underwear!!

  7. Oh I am so sorry for your Mom, I hope her rehab goes well and it sounds like the family is surrounding her with care:)

  8. Your Mum sounds amazing, so will no doubt recover well too hopefully. Great to have so much family support there. I'm so glad we don't have raccoons. I bet you have a plan to foil them next time.

  9. So sad for you mother to be injured. Hope she will be her busy self soon again.

  10. Sorry to read this news. It's good that everyone can pitch in to help even with the spread in distance.

  11. Not good news about your mum but well done for organising the family care rota. I can see a European tour happening for you in the next couple of years.

  12. Oh No.!!! so sorry about your mom.. I'm praying for her.. she will be fine soon..

  13. Bad luck with your Mom but she seems to be "one of the hardy mob" so will be up
    and out quick smart.
    Munchen, eh? Good for Sarah and a good excuse for you to get away from "TURNIP TOP"
    but will he let you and Paul back in?????????????????????
    I loved my stay in Munich............a most vibrant city with so much history.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she is recuperating nicely.

    I think gardening will always have it's struggles no matter where we live. Something happened to my peaches this year too. One day they were gorgeous and getting ready to pick the next most were gone and the few left were grey. Maybe next year we will both have more successes.

  15. Best wishes for your mom's recovery. Personally I've improved my attitude toward gardening by giving up the veggies after 50 years. Now I stick to my slowly improving my wildflower gardens. It's very enjoyable and success and failure seems to proceed without a lot of trauma...:)

  16. Not good news about your mum but well done for organising the family care rota. I can see a European tour happening for you in the next couple of years.


  17. Sorry to hear about your Mother, She sounds a real trooper and deserving of all the care and attention that you are all rallying around to give her. Yes life can indeed be tricky when you live far away.
    Love the socks quote!
    Wren x

  18. Heartfelt concern for your mother. ai hope she gets back to her activities very soon. Sid Hartman, now 97 years old, works for the Mpls Star Tribune, broke his hip last year and he's back to work. Sending good thoughts.

  19. Your mom sounds so focused on helping people and enjoying herself, I am sure that attitude will help in her recovery. Plus all of you in her family pitching in from your homes far and wide.