Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cold Nose, Warm Heart

We are having a weather "event" today, an ice and snowstorm.  Pretty unusual for South Carolina.  Everything in town is closed and schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow, too.
Southerners have no experience driving on ice and snow and there are no snow plows or salt and sanding trucks to send out either.  The Sheriff's Department is begging people to stay off the roads as there are so many accidents.
The fountain outside our coffee shop was barely squeezing water out of the top yesterday.  I love the look on the alligator's face below in the pool. "Wouldja get a load of this?" he seems to be saying.

Bob the Border Collie had never seen snow before today.  She balked at stepping out in it, hugged the house to do her business and hurried right back in the door. 

It reminds me of Minnesota, school cancelled for students AND teachers, that luxurious feeling of a stolen day.  The bird feeders are busy with birds to watch.  I have a good book (The Land Breakers by John Ehle), knitting to finish, and plenty of tea.  

Too bad we ate all the Christmas cookies!


  1. Beautiful photos, especially the frozen fountain and the Robin.
    The winter doesn't keep the Robins away.

  2. Great photos, Cynthia.
    The demused alligator is good.............I bet he/she wishes
    that summer would hurry up.
    Way down in South Carolina as you are.....I really didn't think
    would get so cold. I suspect something that someone in the USA denies
    could be relooked at by that "my button is bigger than yours" guy!!
    Amusing if not so bloody frightening,eh?

    Raining here today but WARM in Terrigal!
    Cheers and sorry (???) for my weather report, ha ha! from
    Down Under.

  3. It's a most helpless feeling when you're not prepared for a situation.

  4. We were visiting Memphis last year at this time when a snow and ice event happened. The whole place ground to a halt - no plows or salt trucks in their budget. Stay warm.

  5. I can just imagine what would happen here if it were to snow which is very unlikely - as we do not know how to drive in such conditions - but people who live in the really high ground might know how but snow up there in winter only lasts probably a day if that.

  6. I keep looking outside. The snow was supposed to reach us sometime this evening. It has been terribly cold here. Folks in the south go crazy at the mention of snow. Walmart looked more like Christmas Eve today. Yep, I was in there too buying milk and bread. :)

  7. That frozen fountain is a work of art. Stay warm reading and drinking your tea.

  8. It feels cosy to be inside with bad weather, I don't mind anymore, watch televison, read a book or blog :) We had a dangerous storm yesterday, so kept inside to not been blown away!

  9. You could always make more (Christmas) cookies while making a pot of homemade soup! A little warmer here in KS today after some BRRRRRY temperatures. Don't envy those in the path of the storm on the east coast and especially those not used to cold/ice/snow.

  10. Poor Bob! Chance loves to lay in the snowbanks and sometimes has to be coaxed to come in :) Hope you are staying warm:)

  11. Both my son and daughter are telling me how cold it is in Maryland and Illinois. South Carolina too? It makes me shiver just to look at that frozen fountain.