Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Say Cheese!

I got a telephoto lens for Christmas, something I've wanted for years.  It's a refurbished Canon lens with a guarantee and cost less than a quarter of what a new one does.  

It came in the mail yesterday and we took it out for a spin this morning at Huntington Beach State Park.

It was windy and hard to hold the camera and I have a lot to learn, but I'll share  few of my first photos.

Brown pelicans and a herring gull

Pelican landing

Great blue heron, tri-colored heron, snowy egret hunkered down in the wind

Flock of hooded mergansers, great blue heron, brown pelican

As you can see, I have lots of room for learning and improvement. I'm so excited at all the new photography this lens will open to me.  


  1. Great photos, have fun with that lens

  2. That camera looks like a "war piece of equipment".
    I doubt if you'd be doing too much darting hither and slither
    with that piece of equipment wrapped around your neck.
    Anyhow "war gadget" or not, those are pretty impressive photos.
    Well done.
    I can just see future headlines on the news.
    Photographer of the year with action shots.........Ms CYNTHIA REIMER.
    Let me be the first with congratulations........Mason and Co will be so
    proud of GRANDMA!
    PS: Did you see the temperatures in Sydney over the weekend?????? They were a bit on the HOT side.
    Terrigal was NOT far behind!

  3. wow!! beautiful pictures with your great camera..

  4. Way to go! Looks like a great lens for your camera! You took some wonderful photos! :)

  5. Promising first results. It's good to have a new toy to play with now and again as it gives your photography renewed interest and impetus.

  6. That's an impressive looking piece of equipment. Lucky you and your enjoyment will benefit us.

  7. Have fun with it. I have one for my old Canon but currently using a DLSR Nikon.

  8. Wow, must be heavy to hold in the hands. But I am looking forward to every detail you are going to show us in the future!

  9. You are going to have so much fun learning how to use the lens, but you already have a great start!

  10. I have something very similar that Santa delivered. It is quite the learning curve getting used to the weight and the amazing distances. Good luck with yours, the photos are already a great joy to see.

  11. That is so exciting. Glad you got something you've been wanting. The pictures you've posted look beautiful.

  12. Dear Cynthia, what a lovely way to start the new year--having a heart-wish fulfilled! And you'll be sharing it with us each time you post one of your evocative photographs. Thank you. Peace.

  13. Oh my gosh! That looks like an awesome lens. I can just imagine the amazing photos you'll be able to take from a distance.

  14. Have fun. A good start. How long is the lens? Remember the further out the lens the more sensitive to camera shake. Lean on a post or a tree or rest elbows on a rail. Hold your breath and shoot. Try to be ever so steady or use a tripod.