Tuesday, November 27, 2018

An Ordinary Day

 I'm always thinking I should wait for something blog-worthy to happen before I post.  And by blog-worthy, I mean something bigger than the little events of my ordinary day.  The other day I read something that made me stop and think.

"It was an ordinary day, a quick phone call to my cousin Caron recently to wish her a happy birthday, I asked her how she was planning to celebrate turning 74.  Caron has grown frail the past few years, suffering from COPD and tethered to oxygen 24 hours a day. Caron laughed quietly. "You know, the best celebration I can imagine is just having one more ordinary day," she replied. "I'm grateful for every day of my life. Every day is a celebration!"

Well, it's true!  Any day, so-called ordinary days, they're all precious and celebration-worthy.  

Yesterday we were driving home from a short errand -- Bob needed a new bag of chewies (big bones to gnaw on to distract her from her tennis ball obsession once in a while).  Out of the fog, on a tiny island between the big bridges in Georgetown, these guys materialized


There are no farms anywhere for many miles around.  No one lives on this island.  To get here they had to swim.  Did they come in with the floods after hurricane this fall?  Were they once, many generations ago, from one of the rice plantations on the river? 

Five in this photo but there were seven in the grass, probably more in the woods.

Not celebrating Georgetown's litter problem, which you can see all too well in this photo. 
 But isn't that baby cute, hanging out with the big guys?

On Thursday we had a Thanksgiving/Christmas CELEBRATION in Orlando with four children and their families.  

We ate.  A lot.  (Aaron and Lauren, the hosts)

Met the newest member of the family.

Molly the Labradoodle.  

9 weeks old.

Played silly games.

Visited.  A lot. 

( the bros-in-law )

We were gone three days and of that, 20 hours were spent driving (shew!), and now we're home, back at our computers, trying to make up for overindulgence at the gym and veg section of the grocery store.  But in reality, ya know ...


  1. I know exactly what your cousin meant, every day is a blessing. We have wild pigs here too and someone (at Ft. McAllister) said that's why we have so many alligators, they love the pigs.

  2. I have lots of ordinary days. Never think to share those on the blog though. Today's highlight has been watching the bald eagle make lazy circles in the sky. No photo capture - that would have detracted from enjoying the sight of it soaring. Apartment will be cleaned shortly then I have three loads of laundry to do interspersed with working on the community newsletter for December and maybe then getting out the Christmas decorations. How's that for ordinary?

  3. I like to think everyday is special. I read somewhere that we should think of each day as our last. That certainly makes you think.

  4. You know, cherishing every day is something we should all take to heart. I have a friend who is in his nineties and when I say, “How are you, Bill,” his standard response is, “I woke up didn’t I?”

  5. Your cousin Caron is right. We often take good things for granted. Your family celebration looks fun, my adult sons and I celebrated at my house.

  6. What a wise woman, everyday is a celebration day. Looked like a wonderful family gathering.

  7. As long as you are healthy eveyday is a joy, but with sicknes it can be difficult....

  8. I don't claim to be an authority on pigs but they do look like domesticated ones........maybe escaped from a farm???
    Or as you suggest - washed up there after your hurricane.
    Snazzy looking indoor pool, I am quite envious.

    Raining cats and dogs here at present but it will dull the bushfire season in this area. Terrible ones presently in Qld
    doing untold damage.

  9. I'd say these topics are very blog worthy. The pigs are a mystery. As Huggybear says they look like domesticated pigs on the loose.

  10. I like pigs. Does make you wonder how those got there. You hit a nerve when you mentioned litter! I wish you could see the four mile stretch from our dirt path to the main highway. The litter is a shame and a disgrace. It makes me sick. Then to make matters worse the county sent the mowers out to mow the sides of the road. Now the trash is chopped up and spread everywhere.

  11. You never know what you will come across when travelling.
    Having fun, that's what part of life is about.
    Eating too much once in while, won't hurt you I'm sure.

  12. Haha that looks a lot of fun your Thanksgiving celebrations. Just hang out with Molly lots if you're trying to catch back on all the over exuberance! If Molly is like the Crazy Poodle she will have a lot of zest for life for sure & happy for massive walks! And yes I totally agree an ordinary day is worth the celebration.
    Wren x

  13. Haha, I love that dog's face at the end. I rather enjoy reading other's "ordinary " posts as they're always a little glimpse into the real life, and I feel they let us know the blogger better.

  14. Love the poster, so true for me. Glad you had a family get together but that is a heck of long drive. I hope you enjoy many more ordinary days.

  15. The name for a group of pigs depends on the animals' ages.
    A group of young pigs is called a drift, drove or litter.
    Groups of older pigs are called a sounder of swine, a team
    or passel of hogs or a singular of boars.....

    The pigs would be Feral..Probably the Piertrain breed, coming
    originally from Europe..Belgium/Germany..!
    How did they get there...HeHe! They Flew...!!! :o).

    1. Hi Willie! Thanks for stopping by and for the edifying info on pigs. You're right -- I now believe this was more accurately a Passel of Pigs. And why didn't I think of that -- of course they flew!

  16. Dear Cynthia, were those wild pigs called boars? Is that the name for a wild, feral pig or are boars much bigger! You always seem in your trips around your area and state to have such wonderful adventures--by that I mean the ordinary becomes blessed. Peace.

    1. A "BOAR PIG" is the name of a MALE pig be they wild or domesticated.

  17. I wonder if they are misplaced feral pigs. Interesting to see. Sometimes ordinary is just fine! As you know I write about lots of ordinary:)

  18. I was fat in August, that made me laugh.
    Yes, keeping it ordinary is not a bad thing at all. Good times had with the family and what feast.

    I think the baby pig is cute, I think all baby pigs are cute.