Thursday, November 8, 2018

How Are You Today?

The winter beach

Midterm elections.  The day after the day after.  First off let me say, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  I have voted in every single Presidential election since I was 21 and I voted my conscience.  In recent months, we (the Writer and I) signed petitions, wrote letters, made phone calls, put out signs, talked to neighbors, read, and listened to as many Americans as we could.  We voted.  We nervously watched the results.  

I want to have hope for this country.  I want to understand women willing to vote for men who disparage women, men who have insulted and assaulted them, their daughters, mothers, friends.  I want to understand those who feel it is moral and right to lie when it suits their cause.  I want to understand those who believe the right to own murder weapons is more important than the rights of children to be safe in school, worshippers in churches, shoppers in malls.  I want to understand why some feel so threatened by brown people, families seeking asylum, transgender men/women.  I have been trying, I really have.  

The hope I have today isn't huge but it's a little more than I had a couple days ago.  I am relieved that my health insurance is probably safe for another two years with the new majority in the House, and maybe my Social Security, too.  It's good that with the new majority in the House, some balance of power will be restored.  I'm glad to know two Somali Muslim women -- one from Minnesota where I volunteered in this immigrant population -- are among the new representatives elected.  I am pleased that first Native American woman was also elected to the House (I just learned there were two!).  Isn't it about time?  

How are you feeling after the midterm elections?  


  1. This is a fine piece of writing. As a Canadian we have watched recent descents into mediocrity and idiosy in the United States with dismay. Many of us no longer travel there, thus do not spend our money there. It is incredible that black people in a church can be murdered, Jews in a synagogue can be murdered, students in a bar can be murdered, children at school can be murdered, and no action at all is done to restrict the use of guns. The results of the midterms give a glimmer of hope but there is a long way to go. Thank you for your well reasoned article.

  2. Well done Cynthia.
    Certainly got heaps of TV coverage here in Australia and analysis by experts.
    God help anyone who disagrees with that creature in the White House.
    The incident with the reporter was disgusting at the White House
    and the actions of the White House female intern trying to grab the microphone
    was over the top.
    Unfortunately I believe that now the US is the laughing stock of the world.
    Who could possibly trust Trump?????????????? He tears up treaties like toilet paper,
    fires cabinet secretaries, insults world leaders and so it goes on.
    God help Europe when he arrives for the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.....what might
    he say?????????????

    1. "ONE day into his tour of France, Donald Trump has already called Emmanuel Macron “insulting” and now he’s under fire for skipping a WWI ceremony, reportedly because of bad weather."

      I read this whole report - how insulting to the fallen "dough boys" (I think this was the nickname of US combatants in WW1). Still I suppose it saved the other world leaders from insults and the US from embarrassment.

  3. still down.... I cannot fathom why so many people support the current regime and far right version of the Republican Party.... why is is not important to them that their government representatives lie to them and only support those like themselves ..

  4. Glad that Congress is divided between the two parties. Hoping the Democrats don't waste their time trying to impeach Trump, there's work to be done.

  5. I love the writing.. I don't know where we are heading to .. :(

  6. I don’t understand how anybody can support the SOS in power and I’m thrilled with the progress made yesterday. To me, a person’s character is as important as their actions. So if the President brings about world peace, makes us all millionaires, and saves the environment, I will not vote for him or his supporters. Toddlers should not be rewarded for bad behavior.

    SOS—a euphemism used by Southern women and the first two words are Sack of . . .

  7. I hope that there will be some progress but it doesn't look like it.

  8. We in Australia just don't know the whole of it, we just hear bits and pieces.

  9. I hope they can all work together for the good of the country. Most likely they will just argue and get nothing done...I wish there were term limits. Some of those old buggers need to go:)

  10. It was heartening to hear the results although the Senate is still a worry. Who can help America become less divided ?

  11. Glad to read your words. I was relieved with the results. I too am flabbergasted that others cannot see the deceit, the lies, the lack of morals in the Republican Party and its leadership. The fight to wake these folks up continues.

  12. I agree with the points in your post. I, too, am not a Democratic or Republican - registered as an Independent.

    There were some positives and you listed them. My greatest disappointment was how close some races were. Even after 2 years of total insanity by the Oval Office and the Republican Party - there are still enough supporters out there of that administration to make some races nail biters. Unbelievable! Two years!! Some people are willing to overlook a whole bunch of stuff or we have been truly invaded by folks from outer space. I was not feeling all that good despite the good things that happened because that means about half our citizenry is supporting a style of government I cannot support. Very unsettling.

  13. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.
    I'm concerned with how far down the wrong road we have gone.
    Hopefully, we can retrace our steps.

  14. Fingers crossed for the future in the USA. It is no longer the land of the free. It looks like a small light shining in the long, long tunnel.