Thursday, November 15, 2018

From Paradise to Hell

By now I'm sure most of you have seen and heard about the holocaust of fires in California.  My cousin Carrie and her family lived in Paradise, the town of 25,000 that burned to the ground.  

They escaped with their lives (and nothing else) by driving miles through a tunnel of fire and abandoned cars, an inferno of heat and flames, with explosions of tires from the hot pavement and trees falling in their path.   

Carrie and her sister and I and my sister grew up together.  Our families were extra close because we are double cousins -- her dad and my mom are first cousins, my dad and her mom are first cousins.  

Today they were allowed in to Paradise see where their home stood.  You can still see the smoke in the air, a week later.  

They had minutes to get out of the house and lost everything but the clothes on their backs and their two cats. Their most urgent need is for a home in the area so they can get back to their jobs and schools.  As you can imagine, it's very tough to find any kind of affordable place to rent in this situation.  

As you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, if you would care to help, Carrie's grade school friends have set up a GoFundMe page for the family here:
Paradise Fire Carrie


  1. This account makes Trump’s idiotic comments seem even more stupid and heartless. What an idiot! I am very sorry for your cousin’s loss. I hope she and her family are well and can recover from this devastation.

  2. How horrible. One of our cousins lost everything in one of the fires out there earlier this year.

  3. That is heartbreaking. How you manage to pick up the pieces from such a devastating experience I have no idea.

  4. Shocking and so sad. The fires got plenty of coverage here on the news in Australia.
    As for what that Turnip Top had to say.................! I am not game to type.

    God help Buenos Aires when and IF he arrives for the G20 meeting......then again I
    suppose it is the turn of the South American nations to be insulted!!!


  5. How very very frightening. I can't imagine what they experienced.

  6. The condition is horrible now. Every where is smoke, and air quality is very bad. :(

  7. I live in California and find these fires heart breaking; my church is of course finding out what is most needed and then sending help and people. It is sad that a few people take this opportunity to take cheap jabs at our President.

  8. So sad. I hope they will recover and rebuild.

  9. Dreadful to left with nothing but the clothes you have on your back. Sure hope they can build their lives up again, at least they are not hurt on the outside.
    There was a bush fire in the south of our Island years ago and my Uncle, Auntie and their two children were as your family were. Family helped them back then, I recall giving clothes, toys and such to help..

  10. My heart goes out to them and everyone else who have been affected by this devastating ordeal.

  11. Oh Cynthia, so sorry for your family's difficult time. We have seen Paradise on the news here - it was just awful. I've only just read your post, am still catching up.