Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Gray Days of Winter

Sunday was a gray winter day, damp from two days of cold rain. Happy to get out of the house, we set out for an early morning walk on the Palmetto Trail.

“Winter is the woods' grumpy editor, insisting trees drop all pretense, opening up forgotten vistas, demanding the winding road stay in sight a little longer. 

“Winter cuts all the showy metaphors and the sappy sentimentality of spring and summer, letting the stark landscape and the mustiness of fallen leaves speak for themselves. 

“Winter wants a spare style, browning everything ...

except a bright tangle of bittersweet, a crimson strand of Virginia creeper and the dark green of a lone pine deep deep in the trees.” — Tommy Hays

This tree intrigued me.  The trunk up grew at the edge of Awendaw Creek, then bent out and over the water, then back upward again. At the same time, its thick roots grew up the bank, above the ground rather than underground, developing bark in the process.

This portion of the trail ends in a Francis Marion National Forest campground.  We were surprised to be met with a closed gate and stop sign.

It says the campground is closed “due to the hurricane”.  This can’t be true!  It’s been months since hurricane Florence, the campground received no damage from the hurricane and has been in continuous use since until now.  

We suspect it is closed because of the government shutdown and no one available to keep up with trash pickup and toilet cleaning.

Why blame an old hurricane??? 


  1. They could blame Trump. That's an ill wind!

  2. Take quick look at the remains of winter because you will soon see spring like conditions.

  3. it is raining here since morning! on the top that it is very cold. Not a good weather to venture out.

  4. Winter is mostly without sun an a lot of rain helas, same images here...

  5. Doesn't "Turnip Top" blame everyone and anything but himself?
    What's new in that department???
    Cheers from a VERY HOT AUSTRALIA

  6. It must be frustrating having a government shutdown. However, you did get some interesting shots especially that tree root.

  7. Working late tonight... yes, late on a Friday night, but I took some time to enjoy your post and your photos.

  8. That is one very interesting tree! At least you have some brown and green we just have brown and white and horrid wind chills:)