Friday, January 4, 2019

The First Week of the Year

  I always feel philosophical around the time of year when the numbers turn.  The darkness of winter, the short days and long nights, are made for reading, reflecting, remembering, making decisions and plans.  It seems momentous, this whole new year, three million and some seconds, waiting to be lived, and as future years dwindle, it feels ever more important to use them carefully and well.
This is where we started 2019 on January 1st, walking our favorite stretch of beach in the early-morning fog.  The fog was not all-encompassing; there were clear places and murky places and we moved easily between.  It felt like a metaphor for the year ahead: the foggy places the unknowns and tough decisions, the clear places the easy paths and choices, we humans moving through life, negotiating both.  

Decisions we are contemplating are big and small.  For example:  
  • New doctors. Just before Christmas we learned that our primary care doctor had suddenly left the practice where we are patients.  We haven’t been satisfied with the clinic itself so it seems a good time to do some research and make a change, probably having to drive all the way to Charleston to get into a different system of clinics and necessitating changes in the several specialists we see.  
  • A car.  We have 173,000+ miles on our car, a small Toyota SUV (without a single repair besides routine maintenance!).  This year will undoubtedly present the necessity of purchasing another.  
  • A home-away-from-home, one with wheels.  We have been contemplating this for months already.  It's time to get serious and make a purchase!
  • Travel.  Depending on the above two decisions: where we want to visit in the next 12 months.  So many choices!  
  • A word. One to focus my thoughts and guide my life during the year ahead.  Some from past years include: Light, Simplicity, Adventure, Move, Gratitude.  I have some in mind but haven’t chosen The One yet.
  • A Big Project. My book finished, I’m at loose ends.  I need a new purpose.  One can only knit so many hats (12, for charity, so far)! 
Well, those are a few things I’m thinking about these rainy, foggy January days.  What about you?  


  1. Hello Cynthia: A post to make us think. There is no question that as we get closer to the end of our life, and see that actuality not so far off any more, it is imperative to make all the remaining time count. What that means to each individual is obviously a personal matter, but i know that I really try to use every day wisely and do what I can to convince people that we really need to take seriously the remediation of the environment. Recently someone asked me what I hope my legacy will be. I had never thought about it before, but if people can truthfully say that I was a good guy and tried my best I will be happy with that.

  2. Like you, l spend time trying to make the most of the coming year. I have a list of places I would like to see and am trying to work out which ones are feasible. Good luck with your planning.

  3. Ha ha - re: A holiday - as far away from 1600 Penn. Avenue as possible.
    As the Aussie $ is quite low against the US $ at present, maybe here - BUT DON"T WEAR
    RED CAPS!! And speak with distinct Scandinavian accents!!! ha ha.
    Cheers and beers

  4. I'm usually rather contemplative at this time of year, but this year I'm just trying to get well from my gall bladder surgery, lots of complicates. Sounds like you have a load of decision to make.
    Don't know how much traveling we'll be doing, had hoped to go to England and Germany.

    Happy New Year's.

  5. This sounds like a good plan . Run with it!

  6. you make me think. I need to plan everything ahead. This year I bought a planner. So far I'm listing down job (small or big), and doing them. Till now all the days are going very productive.

  7. You have lots of decisions to make! Best of luck with it all, I am still relaxing! Aloha

  8. You certainly have got some things planned for this year - and plenty of thinking to do if you are going travelling - it's a great time in ones life.

  9. I like your post. Some deep thinking going on. You are lucky to have some of these decisions to make. Car, home on wheels, places to visit not so lucky with the new doctor problem. I hope all your plans come to fruition.

  10. Hmm, some changes here too. Our band is disbanding; we'll be going on a Pacific cruise; taking on some community repair projects...will be interested in your home away from home on wheels, we're thinking that way too for next year.