Friday, February 22, 2019

For All My Frozen Friends

Do not despair! 

 I offer proof that the Ice Age has not returned and spring WILL come ... 

My yard is full of camellias.

Seven big, round bushes, seven to nine feet tall, six feet and more across,

Some blossoms nearly as big as my hand.

The bees are hungry and the bushes a-buzz with their industry.

I read that spring travels north 13 miles per day, or 1.9 mph.  

Hang in there!  It’s coming your way!


  1. Great spring in Poland it is an early spring now

  2. I will be checking my mailbox diligently to make sure I don't miss the invitation to the soirée among the camelias when we will all sip wine and eat amuses bouches. It will be lovely!

  3. Your camelias are beautiful. A riot of colour.

  4. The omens look good for Augusta, Ga!
    Quite impressive display, Cynthia.

    Now don't complain if you and a nasty little bee bump into each other.
    You will come off worse.

    1. It has just occurred to me. Have you checked if these bees are resident "citizens" of the USA or are they "illegals"
      from down Mexico and below way. Bees can fly so walls are no problems for their illegal entry. You may be in great trouble for giving sanctuary to these bees. Beware the Turnip Top cops may come visit you and bingo you are jailed for giving residency --------------- I hear that jails that you may be sent to are not even 1 star places....horrible places indeed and the food is atrocious.
      You have been advised from a friend south of the Equator.
      Name: A friend for reasons of secrecy

  5. It was 84 today and our tree is full of camellias.

  6. How beautiful to have camellias, how wonderful.

  7. Interesting idea about spring travelling north. Does it go in reverse sometime???

  8. Such beautiful Camellias. I wait with baited breath for the arrival of Spring at the moment it is blowing a gale outside.

  9. Yeah! Good to see it is returning from another year. Do camellias have a lovely scent?

  10. Thank you I needed that! Your flowers are lovely! I really appreciate them!!!! I just got back in from shoveling it must be my new exercise:)

  11. Oh those camellias are the prettiest things I've seen lately. I'm sure hoping spring is on it's way. I am also hoping the rain is moving out, for a while anyway.

  12. Wow! Beautiful camellias. Mine one is yet to bloom.

  13. That pink camellia is especially pretty - don't they make a great show. They are something that I don't have in my garden, although they do grow here well.

  14. Your camellias are as wonderful as your crisp clean air. We can send you some warm air from here, but I feel your Spring is well on it's way. Happy Days!
    Wren x