Friday, December 4, 2020

DECEMBER 4 - Imagine Delight


   Forced into isolation by the Covid pandemic, immersed in political and social ugliness, reality often just plain sucks right now.  When daily life is picking up your groceries in the Walmart parking lot, not seeing your children or grandchildren for a year, doing the best you can to help your mother from nine hours away
 — well, it’s tiresome, it’s painful, it’s boring, it’s scary.  

   What can save us from despair is a gift we humans alone have received: imagination. Though stuck here for now, through imagining the future we can experience hope for better things to come. 

  Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.”

  Imagination precedes change, transformation, progress.  If you can’t first imagine a thing, it will never be!  Who hasn’t found pleasure and escape these days in imagining what it will be like to freely do all those things we love once again? 

 I can’t even imagine what my life would be like right now without the delight of my imagination


With imagination, possibilities 
are unlimited! 

(Sculpture on the highway in 
 Lake City, SC)


  1. What you say is so true, Cynthia. Imagination can carry you a long way and get you through the tough times. There are challenges to our sanity just now, but we can all imagine better days ahead. Stay tough!

  2. I too am working on making the best of it. Imagination -- I don't think I had added that to my survival arsenal before, but I have now. Thank you. This was a lovely post and then that song...

  3. Life right now is a challenge but I'm sure we can get through it. Some days will be blue .

  4. I feel so sorry for my American friends. I'm glad that you have found some coping methods. I am so pleased that my family no longer live in US. We are so lucky here. We don't have any community transmission of the virus. But we do have plane loads of Australians still returning home from infected countries. They have to go straight from the plane into mdi -hotels where they are quarantined and guarded for 14 days. They are tested every 7 days. The problem is with cleaners, guards and medical staff bringing it into the community. That happened in Melbourne and Adelaide. But it's back under control with stringent tracing and testing. So our lives are almost back to normal. At last our borders are open and our daughter from Sydney is on her way up by car. The one in Melbourne can't come for a while the airfares are so expensive for her whole family. I may go down next year. We feel your only hope now is the vaccine which looks like its almost ready. Take care hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. With a vaccine now in sight I am hoping that things will start to get a little better. You are so right imagination is such a great asset and carries us through this terrible pandemic.

  6. Lovely post.
    It is like what Dianne typed here also on this Island. No cases for ages thank goodness, and we move around as we wish at the moment.
    From what I have heard from the USA is that people don't adhere to the rules if there are any, and of course some Australians don't stick to the rules either, but that's human nature.
    A vaccine is good, but not every one will agree to that I'm sure..
    Take care, be safe.

  7. Living in a small country with lots of people, you always see someone in the streets you have to try to avoid, not to come too close by. It makes me feel very nervous, this all is so uncomfortable not to make contact with other people. I met a former collegue and we chatted with masks on 1,5 metres apart of each other. It felt so weird.....

  8. Interesting sculpture! You are finding many things to delight in!

  9. What an interesting sculpture. Yes, Covid isolation is a struggle. And it is becoming more so with this winter when promises to be so much worse before it gets better. I actually set a plan for myself and called it my Winter Pandemic Plan. It was focused on only stuff I could control inside my house. It is mostly an effort to keep goal-focused and not just veg out doing nothing. Not sure if that plan will counter my tendency to do nothing at all. Only time will tell. But regardless of each individual person's response to this ... the main goal for all is to stay healthy and avoid the spread!! Stay well.

  10. I love that sculpture! Yes. Imagination is a wonderful gift for times like these!