Tuesday, December 1, 2020


    I was listening to a podcast the other day (The Growing Edge), an interview of Ross Gay, who wrote the New York Times bestseller, The Book of Delights. 

 Upon contemplation of his 47th birthday, he decided his life needed more wonder, attention and appreciation focused on the small things. He began to seek out these “ordinary” wonders and write a daily short essay for the next year.  

  First I thought, I want to read this book! Mr Ross is a renowned poet, essayist, black husband and father. His short daily essays are a delight — heart wrenching, funny, modern, timely, universal, poetical, philosophical. 

  I love them.  

  As I read, something began to build in my mind. This toughest, craziest, most tumultuous year of my existence could use a grand-gesture finish. Wouldn’t it be great to top it off with something positive?  Like Mr Ross, to commit to looking for something Delightful every day and to honor it with a few words or a photograph? And what better timing than the season of Advent, Christmas, and a brand new year in sight?   

Yup, I decided, I’m in!  

  Here I am on December first with today’s Delight: a never-seen-before, unnamed, gorgeous butterfly or moth.  

  Weeks after butterflies were gone for the summer, there were five of them flitting around in the sun on an azalea bush on the edge of a woods I walk by most every day.  Surprise, I think, can be an important element of Delight.  They were flitting so fast my phone couldn’t focus on one before it disappeared from the frame, but I did manage this one photograph  (It doesn’t do it justice; the colors were iridescent, coppery and turquoise.).  
  As quickly as I came upon them they were gone.  That’s the way of Delights, I think.  Here and gone way too fast.  
  I’d be Delighted if you wanted to share something today 
that brought a 
smile to your face and a lift to your heart.  


  1. That book was already on my wish list, thanks for reminding me. That is a great idea to look for Delight each day and you found such a pretty butterfly/moth. Another upbeat book is Make Someone Happy by Elizabeth Berg, very short essays compiled from her Facebook posts.

  2. My daughter sent me a video of her puppy experiencing snow for the first time. Cuteness overload.

  3. Yes, you have a great idea for yourself and I hope many others join in. A project like this gives you happiness and satisfaction as well as personal growth. Go for it.

  4. I had to stop and think. Hmmmm... Ah yes. I spoke very briefly to my son in Maryland and it was wonderful!

  5. Lovely coloured butterfly.
    My roses out in bloom always make me smile.

  6. Great plan, Cynthia. I will look forward to reading about what you come up with each day. Right now a fresh snowfall causes me great delight. The fact that I will have to get out and shovel the driveway not so much, but in reality it's a small price to pay.

  7. So many delights. I walked in the pre-dawn yesterday, before the moon went down and the sun came up. I love the shadows cast by the full moon on the snow.

  8. Great idea. Delight for today: a quick trip to get bloodwork. Living in NH with fewer people, waits are never very long. People are friendly and courteous because they don't have to be in a rush to get their tasks done because others are waiting.

  9. My sister brought by her dog to see us that made us both smile:)