Friday, June 28, 2013

It might be time to clean the rain gutter when...

Maple trees are starting to grow!
But wait, there was a reason to delay:
Yes, that is a robin's nest, a great big American robin.  Usually the nest is 3 times this size.  She did hatch one nestling and he is now following her all around the yard, as big as her, hollering for food.
   So today was cleaning day, but a chore that should have taken a half hour developed into 2 hours because I can never pass up a chance to make things more complicated.

Since the ladder was out, I might as well cut all these branches overhanging the gutters.  Because all those leaves would eventually fall into the gutters, right?
Just to show you how small this nest is, here it is by my hand.  I don't know how she ever fit herself into it, or how it survived all the rain we have had this spring. 


  1. Such a beautifully made nest. When I was in America this year I saw a robin which was so different from our little robin red breast here. As you say they are quite big.

  2. I'm just cruising the blogosphere tonight visiting retired teachers like myself.

    We lived in Illinois for 35 years before moving back to Hawaii. Your post brings back so many wonderful memories. I miss those robins.