Monday, October 6, 2014

Trees, Part Two

I have a few more trees from yesterday's hike to show you.

I haven't quite figured out yet how the photo storage and transfer to Blogsy happens on my iPad and sometimes I find photos in a place I don't expect them, after I publish a post. It happened again this morning. I was choosing photos of the Globe Theatre in London, and what? Some of my favorite photos of the trees were mixed in!

So, here you go . . . a few more trees instead!

My grandsons would be convinced that elves live here!


  1. I've been blogging for a long time, but the technical world often has surprises for me. Wonderful outdoor photos of our friends, the trees.

  2. Cynthia, maybe we were just supposed to be able to see the trees today. Don't we love, love, love technology. It's so much fun, but can be the most time-consuming thing ever! Love the tree study, and I think you should write a story about the last one. Surely some little creature lives there.

  3. Trying to catch up! Tech was never my thing. Look on the bright side at least you have managed to post some great photos of trees and shown us where the elves live in your part of the world. The fungi looked enormous in your last post. Too big to be tasty by the sounds of it.

  4. Elves!!!! ????? Oh dear.
    I dunno. In this day and age, isn't it a bit on the brave side for a lady to be wandering around in the forests alone???
    Then again maybe you are not showing pictures of others tramping along the state parks and trails??
    Looks like a lot of dead wood in that forest / park area. Thank God for the moisture presently in Minnesota,
    would be explosive here for the summer time - BUSHFIRE Material!
    I sure would not like to live on a property backing onto that forest / park area in summer.
    Aussie Col

  5. Cynthia , definitely elves can be there so lovely tree. But in my opinion squirrels can be there too. Your trees are lovely.

  6. It's certainly a cosy home for someone! I'm sorry we lost your last comment on my post, I haven't found it but have been pleased to have your visit as always!
    Wren x

  7. Blogging on an iPad is frustrating. Love these different trees.

  8. The trees are really lovely. We were driving down the road today and I was thinking, out of all the trees there are not two the same, that is really amazing. I comment sometime with my iPad and get into all kinds of trouble.