Sunday, November 2, 2014

Carding Wool


This is what happens when I try to hand card wool for spinning.

It goes like this:

Rosie is sound asleep somewhere and I think, good time to spin a little without any "help" from the cat.


Her ears hear the thwack of the wool cards and she is awake and on it in an instant.









"Mine! Don't touch!"










"Mmmm...smells like sheep.

"I'll just pull it all under me, nice and cozy."




"See? No more wool.

I win!

You can go do something else now."






There is no point in moving her. She comes right back like a yoyo.


  1. I love it. Rosie is adorable. In the past, no matter where in the house he might be, our cat Calvin would appear as if by magic every time you crinkled a deli wrapper for sliced cheese. Hmmm. I wonder whose fault that was?

  2. Rosie is fantastic and so beautiful L love white cats her nose is so funny.Cats love their own place and piece of material or cloth.

  3. That is so funny! I guess you will have to go somewhere where Rosie can't get to you with your project. She's beautiful.

  4. Rosie is so furry and pretty! One dream of mine is to card and spin wool. I want a spinning wheel!

  5. lol, you just have to love cats don't ya?...........bless their cotton socks. One of mine chews my fingers every time I try to type that's why I make so many spelling mistakes! ;~) x

  6. Rosie is gorgeous and funny. Cats have a way of getting what they want . . .

  7. What a wonderful cat, your post made me smile.

  8. Rosie is adorable, maybe you could take up scrabble - ha ha! I think she'd probably win at that too!
    How fantastic that we are in sync today, no comment problems, do you think it's because I'm now an Angel ?(not!!)
    Thank you for persevering with your wise comments, which I always love to have on my blog
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  9. I see who the boss is in your house.

  10. How cute! We have a cat like that, too. She rules the house.

  11. This is so cute, she takes it all!