Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Naked Beach Birthday Bash

Don't worry, my blog is still rated PG!

We were invited on a boat trip to a private island for a birthday celebration for a friend. The birthday girl is on the right.












Front row seats for us.












It was interesting to see our place from the water, a different perspective of our little world. The house and even the big trees looked small and insignificant compared to the waters.

After a stop to jump off the boat and cool off in icy artesian waters coming up out of the salt water, we arrived at our destination, an Island owned by friends of our hosts.

The island is natural and wild, with no buildings or other people in sight, so I think you can guess why this beautiful beach has come to be called Naked Beach.









We went for a beach walk, picking up shells, watching whole herds of sand crabs scuttling off into the sea grass, and enjoying the ever-changing sculptures created by Nature.



Some days you can swim with the dolphins here but the tide wasn't right this day.

On the other side of the island is Whale Branch where whales are often seen.

After a long swim we shared boiled peanuts and toasted the birthday girl with champagne.




Then, we had to either leave by noon or wait until 7 pm for the next high tide. Can you guess why?

In order to navigate sandbars and such and be able dock at Captain Billy's home.

The trip back was just as beautiful as the trip out. What a way to celebrate a birthday!



  1. Cynthia, I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to cover 2 year old Sam's eyes! What a beautiful natural habitat - that seems like a perfect way to celebrate another year of life!

  2. What a gorgeous place you have moved to Cynthia. All that at your doorstep!

  3. What a gorgeous place you have moved to Cynthia. All that at your doorstep!

  4. I will pass on the boiled peanuts, I have tried them twice...I think it may be an acquired taste...but pass that Champagne! What a fun day for you! :)

  5. Yes pass the champagne - you and the others can eat the boiled peanuts.
    Peanuts of any type unfortunately don't agree with false "fangs" ( Oh God - a secret
    let out - ha ha!)
    I should think that even thought you all remained demure, those sand crabs, the local birdlife
    and the dolphins have seen a few humans a la natural.
    The sand crabs might have no doubt had a bit of fun over the years with bits and pieces of
    the human anatomy - ha ha.
    Fantastic to see you getting into the swing of things - a la South Carolina style.
    Cheers to you and T.O.H. and those still up in cold Minnesota
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: A cold snap is coming up from the south - hope it doesn't cross the River Tweed.

  6. What a beautiful place, must be nice to own your own island. No boiled peanuts, I know they're southern, but yuck.

  7. The place is beautiful, and you look beautiful..and happy! I love boiled peanuts!

  8. This trip would be a real treat.

  9. What an excellent way to celebrate! I love boiled peanuts! Yum. Sorry there were no dolphins, but I'm happy for the wonderful times your are having. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  10. Cynthia your new place looks fantastic.... Take care

  11. A great way to celebrate a birthday. Your new world looks full of fun and excitement.

  12. Idyllic, a beautiful place to live and explore.

  13. Can't improve on idyllic - looks like another world!

  14. That is a special place , like Robinson Crusoe at an uninhabited island, beautiful pictures.

  15. Great opportunities for photos, for sure.

  16. Well let's hope all your birthday party invites in your new life are in a similar vein - a cruise in, private island and champagne, pretty cool celebration!
    Wren x

  17. OK... You know "Naked" had me curious. This is such a terrific place to explore.

  18. So Skinny Dipping was in order then?
    Looks and sounds the idea of seeing whales and dolphins when they are about. Am familiar with sand bars...

  19. Skinny dipping from a private island with dolphins.. Sounds good to me - maybe next time the water temp will be just right!

  20. It certainly was an amazing way to celebrate your friend’s birthday. I can imagine how much fun it was for you guys to enjoy such wonderful natural beauty. I’ll also be heading out to my close friend’s birthday celebrations tomorrow as she has organized a lovely party at one of the best Los Angeles venues.